Amanda Bynes: Bitter, Resentful of Controlling Parents For "Pushing Her" Into Acting?

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Amanda Bynes is bitter and resentful toward her parents, Lynn and Rick, for pushing her into acting as a kid, according to sources close to the actress.

That's not helping their bid to obtain a conservatorship over their daughter. Even if it might be well-intentioned, to the star it's her greatest fear.

Amanda Bynes and Parents

Amanda Bynes' former BFF, model Ana Rivera, says she deeply resents her controlling parents for “pushing her into acting, a career she never wanted.”

Amanda “was frustrated, as they wanted her to act and she didn’t want to,” Ana says. “Amanda said the only movie she herself liked in was Hairspray."

"She didn’t get any enjoyment out of acting.”

In 2010, Amanda announced she was retiring.

She moved to NYC to start a new career. Says Rivera, “She really wanted to do fashion and had some pieces of fabric and was trying to make clothes.”

Amanda’s parents weren’t exactly on board.

The former child star “sent pictures of the dress she was working on to her mom, who didn’t have anything to say about it, which was really frustrating."

The tension between Amanda and her folks had been going on for years - not just these wild recent months - and did not help her growing mental illness.

“She said she’d never been close to her family,” Ana claims. “She was jealous of her sister, Jill, and the praise she got from her parents."

Jill "is a teacher and has two kids and a great marriage. It felt like a real sibling rivalry and everything Amanda secretly wanted.”

Amanda "also didn’t get on with her dad. She said he was too overprotective."

"They tried to get in contact, but Amanda would get mad at them for sending texts, even though they said ‘Amanda, we love you. Please get in contact.’"

"She felt like they were telling her what to do. It would always end badly."

What Amanda wants may be irrelevant now, as a judge has extended her psychiatric hold as she battles her parents for control of her own affairs.

Ana - along with Bynes' parents - believes Amanda is a danger to herself and others and could be in a mental institution for the rest of her life.

Amanda is now on medication she believes can help her win her freedom, which is a positive step if nothing else - admitting she needs to be on it.

A hearing has been set for August 1.




I hope God helps her. That's such a heartbreaking thing to endure, as I'm about to go into college and dealing with controlling parents now.

@ Lisa

Good luck, Lisa. The opportunities for growing that college life brings should help to 'dilute' the hold your parents have over you - at first in the way you experience that hold, and then eventually the stronger you become, the less likely that control freaks will choose you to 'anchor' in.


Sounds to me like her parents caused her so-called mental illness in the first place. Having had dysfunctional parents myself I feel desperately sorry for her.

@ TeeCee

Then my ass must be as crazy as a shit house rat because I most certainly come from a dysfunctional family myself!

@ Dartanion

Yeah dart- and if nothing else let's blame that on the rising of the freaking sun. How's about i get you some hot chocolate and cookies- would that make your little hurt feelings feel better?

@ Dartanion

Different people are affected in different ways, but I can tell you that dealing with a control freak in close family is one of the biggest challenges life can throw at you. They get right inside your head.


This young woman needs empathy and compassion....she does after all have a mental illness. Anyone who dares make light of that obviously have no clue of what it's like to deal with that particular illness. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. Hope she gets well.


oh boo hoo, grow up you rich spoiled over glamourized brat.

@ wendywoo44

Clearly you've never dealt with someone who is mentally ill OR a controlling parent(s). MANY celebs have had similar situations & all those that come to mind have had SOME sort of trouble, most legal/drugs. Mental illness though is something that can hit virtually ANYONE out of nowhere. In an instant we can become part of the worlds largest minority group, people with a physical/mental disability. It can & does happen every day.


yep and now they are about to get all her money, no parent would sit by like they have done and watch their child mentally deteriorate unless they wanted to and that is what they have done.

@ estee

My guess is there is enough blame to go around on all sides. That's not the important issue right now though. If the court agrees that there is some concern the parents may abuse the power of conservatorship, they can put certain measures in place. Or they can appoint a 3rd party.


I think she just needs some time off


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