Tiger Photobombs Wedding Reception: Real or Fake?

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Ah, the joy of celebrating your marriage with your closest friends and family! And a Sumatran tiger!

Wait, what?

Karma and Andrew Madgwick were posing for wedding photos at Paignton Zoo in Devon, England following their wedding ceremony when they were photobombed by a Sumatran tiger.

So, Tigerbombed?

Tiger Photobombs Wedding

Is this a real photobomb? Or just a clever use of Photoshop? 

The wedding photographer, Vicki Boulter, says the tiger was in the frame long enough for this single photo to be captured and the bride calls it "one fabulously unique wedding picture."

Karma, a self-described "crazy cat lady," says she and her husband are going to adopt Banda, the tiger who thought her wedding dress was food and wandered up to the glass barrier between her enclosure and the observation deck hoping for an afternoon snack. 

Because that's what reasonable people do. (Probably "adopt" means "make a donation" but with crazy cat people, one can never be too sure.)

I guess the tiger just couldn't be one-upped by the dog who attacked a bride last month. Or maybe this was some sort of revenge for all the cat bearding photos that have circulated in recent weeks.

But still we ask, is this real life? What do you say, THGers? Did the tiger photobomb the wedding or is this just a clever photoshop?


i think its fake because if i saw a tiger anywhere then in a zoo or somethink like that i would be run for my life


either its really their but their seperated by glass or someone took a picture through glass from a zoo and photoshoped the two people in front of it. You can see where the tiger and the people's pictures meet...something just doesnt look right.


This is totally awesome! Looks like the Tiger was the one leading the ceremonies. haha! Way to go Father Tiger! http://www.topchoicedjs.com/


Its real.. they are very good friends of my Wifes cousin Sarah and she was there at Paignton zoo when it happened :)


Real, you can see the faint outline of the enclosure glass around the lvl of their heads. The tiger WAS there, it was just on the other side of glass....


That's soo Awesome!


Karmas a bitch haha


(Probably "adopt" means "make a donation" but with crazy cat people, one can never be too sure.) Yes it means "make a donation" you f*cking idiots at THG!


I have been to this zoo numerous times and the tigers do come right up to the window! I also know Karma and its 100% real


very obvious

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