Rihanna Hits Fan With Microphone HARD: Watch Now!

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THG NOTE: Do not get too close to a microphone-wielding Rihanna.

That's the moral of this story, as a concert-goer learned the hard way in Birmingham, UK, where she used a mic to take a swing at a clingy fan.

Looks like she connected hard with that thing, too. Take a look:

The incident went down as Rihanna, 25, left the stage to walk by a crowd of screaming admirers, touching their hands as she sang "We Found Love."

Then one fan held on just a little bit too long, and paid the price.

A fan-recorded video of her lashing out has gone viral, though it's unclear exactly where the fan was hit or how badly he or she was hurt, if at all.

Remember, THGers: Think before you reach for #BadGirlRiRi.


What a bunch of B.S. who cares.


Riri take it easy, don't kill your career cos of a man. Still love u


this girl obviously has just one pathetic attitude towards fans-she was late for this very same karaoke concert. as she strikes-she is miraculously still singing in the background. she may have been physically abused,but this proves she is just as capable in physical and argumentative terms. these puppets of the music industry dont look as good in real life.




I do not like this girl. Since when is hitting okay?! Especially fans, who despite being over the top, paid money to see her! She has no class. And proves that time and time again -- from getting back together with Chris Brown, to being late to concerts and behaving as is she is high on drugs.


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