Paula Deen Fans Start "We Support Paula" Facebook Page in Defense of Axed Chef

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Some Paula Deen fans have created a "We Support Paula" Facebook page in support of the embattled, recently dismissed Food Network personality.

More than 200,000 people Like that page already.

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Amidst the recent controversy that got Paula Deen fired by Food Network, her fans are coming to her aid, or at least showing that they have her back.

The Facebook page for Deen reads, "Recently Food Network personality Paula Deen has issued an apology for statements that she has made in the past."

"Paula is a person just like all of us and we all make mistakes."

"Let's support her as she moves forward from this time."

Her apology, ironically, is what may have done her in.

Deen admitted using racial slurs, under oath, while being deposed in a lawsuit alleging discrimination and harassment at one of her restaurants.

However, she has denied all allegations by Lisa Jackson and says she only used epithets in the distant past, and only in conversations with family.

Just the same, a bungled apology video that she posted on YouTube after the story broke was the straw that broke the camel's back for Food Network.

Appearing to read from a script, and stumbling over vague, non-apologetic platitudes, Deen only came off worse in the promptly-removed video.

A second, more-sincere-seeming apology then appeared, but by then it was too little too late. Deen was fired and thanked her employer for 11 great years.

Clearly, not everyone is happy to see her go.

Many of the Facebook comments on the new page are in favor of the celebrity chef, with some excusing her admission by referring to Deen's background.

Deen, too, mentioned in her deposition that this was a different time in history and insisted that her actions do not discriminate against anyone.


DearPaula, My husband and I support you 500%.We think that you have done more good for people, than anything bad. I pray for you and your family daily


Lets be honest. Almost every single one of us has used a racial slur. Something the women did years and years ago.. she admitted it. She has said sorry. Forgive and move on. But people want to hurt others these days, and kick them when their down. She isnt a racist person. Now people are wanting her to throw some money out and make it ok.. paula is you see this... my advice... keep your money. You have said sorry once thats all it should take. I support you paula. There is a time and season for everything. Step back for awhile until your out of the lime light. By you keep saying sorry etc. I think it may just keep hurting you. Take a vacation and relax. I love you paula. In my prayers girl. Bless you.


Since when are we not allowed to speak or call people names? They can
call us anything and nothing is said or none about it. Negro was the name
given to the blacks when they arrived here - what's wrong with that? OK
so people began calling them niggers - have people gone crazy? Paula Deen just told the truth and people can't seem to accept the truth or anything that's right anymore. Right is wrong and Wrong is Right now? We've lost it - 10 stars to Paula Deen.


Who knew honesty could do so much damage. Why is Paula being treated so harshly? All these companies and sponsors are over-reacting. The past was a distant past and Paula Deen should be judged on her present interactions. Sending love and prayers your way, my lady!!


Only God knows who you are & what the truth is....hold your head up high and move on. Don't let words or their opinions define you!
Stop apologizing!! When you look so sad and down you are letting
WIN!! Pick yourself up and start living and enjoy your hard work... Sending much love & ask God to help you....He is waiting!!!


I support you Paula Deen..... I think people need to clean there own closet out before they try and clean someone else closet , you and your family will be in my prayers LOVE YOU.......


And just like she said please come forward if you are not a sinner. We all sin every day!


Why is it ok for black pep to have a word that white pep can't say but if white pep had a word that black pep couldn't say well that would be called rascist! Or if white pep had a tv Chanel like BET well that would be rasiast! I don't get it!!


Remind me how this shunning has helped race relations?? Not.
I see so much arguing and downright ugly comments and a great divide between white and black. This was not positive; purely negative and punitive. Like spanking a child long after the incident was perpetrated. Just punitive. No learning.


I live in Savannah, Georgia, the manager who brought the lawsuit, Lisa Jackson, is white BUT she is also the other most important upcoming demographic 'GAY'....Most people who label themselves, are also on the lookout for something they deem offensive and are ready to jump in the lawsuit cesspool.