Paris Jackson: Identity Crisis to Blame For Suicide Attempt, Depression?

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Is Paris Jackson suffering from an identity crisis? And are the unorthodox parenting decisions of Michael Jackson himself to blame for his daughter's woes?

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    Maybe one of her cyborg circuits burned out. What do you expect from some kids who claims wacko Jacko as a Dad?
    Maybe her REAL Dad could out if they could determine who he is. This kid is FUBAR, and she's not even an adult yet!


    I wish everyone would please leave these kids alone. Some one with a brain needs to step in and take charge of these 3 kids...


    Have anyone stop to think that this could be related to the anniversary of her father death? Everyone is trying to point finger at Kj and DR. But this was Paris choice to do this. Even if ppl was home she could have been in her room as most teens are at.that age. She needs help and lets pray this never happens again! And I think if she told them she was not happy and want to spend more time with DR I dont think KJ would stop her.


    The boys seem to be doing o.k.. Blanket and the other brother.

    @ Nelly

    So true girls are more emotional


    She's in the wrong family.


    No one in the Jackson family is normal. Why would anyone expect this young girl to transcend all that back-biting, greedy and neurotic behavior.


    Geez, leave her alone. She's just a kid!!!


    Paris and her siblings should have gotten therapy right after michael died. We all know that his two oldest children are not biologically his but that does
    not negate the that he is their father. There are plenty of bi racial children that can pass and are not having issues. those kids never got a chances to say goodbye to Michael.

    are plenty of


    First off, she didn't try to kill herself. If someone really wants to kill them self they are going to kill them self. Simply put, she is a stupid teenager and music influences every part of her boring life. She is a huge Nirvana fan and what else is "cooler" to a stupid teenager than being sad. It's an obvious ploy for some attention and sympathy that belittles the real people that are truly at the end of their rope.

    @ Hellion

    Father is a verb to me. Hence, Michael is/was Paris's father. Biological parents often leave their kids (Debbie R?), so whoever raises that child earns the title of Parent. Paris is at the age when suicide is trendy, immaturity is at its peakest, and a lack of firm and love-full education constitute a perfect recipe for wanting attention/suicide. So, I don't think we should mistitle this as "idenitity crisis", but age crisis. Please, leave her alone. She will find her way. I wish her the best in life.

    @ Hellion

    You know all that for a fact do ya?

    @ Frogmore

    A stupid teenager? Where do you get your nerve? You ass! Women tend to take pills, men tend to use guns. Guess she didn't have access to pills that would kill her outright. Good thing too as it would have worked. You're a slimeball.


    Poor girl, I hope she feels better. She is such a beautiful girl too. I really hope things work out well for her. I am only a few years older than her and I hope she gets through this.

    @ AMK

    That is a very nice comment, AMK. I fully concur.

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