Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Trial: Could AEG Actually Lose?

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The Michael Jackson wrongful death trial is in full swing, and it looks like defendant/concert promoting giant AEG Live actually stands a chance of losing.

This Was It

Michael's mother and his children's guardian, Katherine Jackson, have made a bold effort to convince a jury AEG Live was negligent, TMZ reports.

Randy Phillips, the head of the company, had trouble explaining why he thought MJ "looked really good" in a meeting just five days before his death.

A photograph of the entertainer taken a day before - June 19, 2009 - clearly showed otherwise, with a smiling Jackson looking noticeably gaunt and pale.

Kenny Ortega and others testifying that they were alarmed over MJ's health as AEG and Dr. Conrad Murray ignored them has also provd compelling.

In the days preceding his death, Jackson missed rehearsals and was sweating profusely. He also seemed out of it, saying "God keeps talking to me."

As for how Phillips reconciled his comment about Jackson with other evidence, he said, "I was confused as anybody." Not exactly a convincing argument.

Experts believed AEG would and could make the case that they felt Jackson being properly cared for by Murray, who MJ is said to have hand-picked.

In other words, the explanation that Jackson knew what he was getting into and AEG can't be held responsible for his recklessness seemed airtight.

Or not. Lawyers for Katherine Jackson and the children (Blanket, Prince and Paris Jackson) may have the upper hand in the trial up to this point.

They key: If a jury believes AEG unreasonably pushed Michael to perform when they knew he wasn't up for it, or if they ignored possible warning signs.

The family is seeking tens of BILLIONS of dollars in damages resulting from the death of Michael Jackson, which tragically occurred June 25, 2009.


This was a set up AEG never planned to have a tour...they wanted MJ dead they sucked him dry! If you are are TRUE fan do not support AEG Live until his mother/family have been made whole for the murder of their love one. MJ fans please show your support any way you can we cannot let AEG Live get away with this! They wanted to keep the public in the dark that's why they did not want the trial televised. Please do not purchase or attend any/all AEG Live events worldwide! Tell AEG Live to Beat It! God Bless Ms.Katherine and the Jackson family thank you for fighting back!!! MJ Fans please show your support for Micheal...we know you are out there...pass the word. Call radio stations, email mail media, facebook, twitter, let AEG Live know MJ,Janet,Jackson 5, Jackson's, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Rock and all music fans are alive and will not stand for them taking our artist out.

Melanie zarth

Of course AEG is likely to lose. They are the greedy party, not the Jacksons. My only hope is that WHEN they lose, people will understand that testimony and truth actually render the correct results. 2005=MJ Innocent...2011=Murray guilty...2013=AEG guilty. Yet, there are still those that think these trials go in MJ's favor because he's who he is? Pathetic. MJ was a world treasure, one of the kindest men to ever live.


AEG is as guilty as sin....that much was obvious to me 4 years ago when MJ died. When I watched the documentary "This Is It" I thought MJ was a skinny as a rail and looked sickly. I also heard all kinds of stories on the internet over the past four years. AEG not only cashed in on MJ's death with the documentary, they tried to cover up just how much then knew before he died...... I hope the Jackson family wins and is awarded a few hundred million (for the kids). Hit this greedy company in the pocketbook, where it hurts.

@ sc348556

Yes, I remember watching a very nervous Randy Phillips on Sky News, just after MJ's passing, declaring he had never heard of Conrad Murray. I thought that was strange.


"If a jury believes AEG unreasonably pushed Michael to perform when they knew he wasn't up for it, or if they ignored possible warning signs" Well if that's what the decision is based upon - then it's obvious that AEG are guilty of this.


no, I don't think so.

@ abe

Abe, do you noy have a mind that can process fact verses smoke screen? AEG is soooo guilty it's sickening. You must be a Micheal Jackson hater because you are a looser.Educate yourself on the facts, look passed the smoke and mirrors and just maybe you will see MJ for the special person he was, obviously all the songs he wrote about healing the world, saving the children and loving one another and I might add, put his money were his mouth was over and over again you just might stop judging him and see who he really was. GET SMART11111

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