Lil Scrappy Enters Rehab for Pot Addiction

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Apparently he wasn't kidding.

In March, Lil Scrappy failed a urine test, claimed he was addicted to marijuana and said he would seek treatment for the problem.

Lil Scrappy Twit Pic

And now he's done just that.

According to TMZ, the rapper voluntarily entered a facility in Atlanta on Thursday night and will remain there for at least two weeks… until a hearing on June 16 where he hopes to a judge will grant him leniency.

There are no visitors allowed for 14 days, no cell phones and no computers for patients of this rehab center.

So it's clear Scrappy is serious. About not wanting to go to prison.


keep hope alive things well get better scrappy said it bust there just haters just trying to keep a brother down but scrappy from me to u don't let them win fuck them they don't pay your bills love you and keep your head up


ok so he is in rehab now what I want to know is, is there a rehab for weed because the side affect is sleepy hungry its not like cocane or dope so why and how do u do rehab on weed its crazy because the system can bring in the coc but the weed is a problem fore real people get it together its not what u do its how u do it that makes it bad if u can hold down a job a make people happy then wth is wrong I think something is wrong with the system that's just me sorry people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


.............STOP KISSING THE CAMERA, lil!!