Kim Kardashian Baby Photo: Revealed!*

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* The one of Kim Kardashian herself, we mean.

Sorry, did the headline mislead you?

Kim and Kanye West are yet to unveil a single picture of North West, but the former did take advantage of Throwback Thursday on Instagram today.

She posted a shot of herself and mother Kris Jenner from way back in the day, as little Kim clearly had a long way to go before she perfected the art of posing.

Kim Kardashian Baby Pic

As for the Kim Kardashian baby photos people actually want to see? The ones you likely hoped this article would feature?

Our eyes are open. Our lids are peeled. Our sources are working the phones. Nothing yet.


I luv dis baby,she is soon cute,pretty nd so beautiful


U remind me of my 12 year old neice #CHILDISH @kellie


Wow. Kourtney looks so much like her mom!


all you people with the mean comments are a bunch of heaters who cares if the baby is cute or ugly its just a baby its not doing any type of harm to you let the baby be a baby its a wunderful blessing.

@ lorena

If you are going to smack talk people at least use your spell check!!! Heaters? Wunderful? Seriously?!


Even at an early age, Kim was posing with her mouth open. Just saying. .


baby must be ulgy...she want top doller four the baby frist picture a prould mom doesnot ask four money...

@ margarita

Wow, would you tell a new Mom that her baby is ugly, look in the mirror before you speak.

@ margarita

you are just jealous because you weren't offered money for your baby's pics.......


im pretty sure she is a doll
like her mommy kim is gorgeous
even when she was little her mom is a beautiful lady also....


With all her plastic surgery and a father who is one of the ugliest people on the planet, both inside and out, I doubt that Kim's offspring will be anything close to "cute." Poor kid.


Who REALLY cares!! Not a question persee, but a STATEMENT... B.S.


What about her huge husband is he happy with kim's new home.Does kim really love kanye west


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