Kim Kardashian Baby Name: North West (Seriously)!!

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Five days after Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl, the new arrival's name has been revealed at last ... and it's guaranteed to surprise their fans.

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    If the name is one,will be ok. Is different cute.


    I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
    You can find it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (full version)

    Now tell me it's not real!
    Good luck!


    the name is so cuuuuute, but we need to here from kimye why they gave her that name Nori, anyway she is alucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    just b a gud mum


    people go do soomething useful...leave those people alone....dont waste your time go take carew your family and your children...first look in yourself before you speak to others......


    Hate the name get read of it


    yoo! North West? The baby must visits south africa, yah why not???


    Bubbles would a more fitting name.


    i didnt like it i better give them ma nick naym


    Okay. WTF. My husband got fixed so no more babies...... I have 2 boys.. I'd kill for a girl and she would be named the most precious name.. Girls/women are beautiful and should be treated as such.....Kaidence was a beautiful name. NORTH WEST with no middle name is a joke. Come on...Kanye I used to like til I learned he was racist......Yup. I loved Kim but this whole thing is CRAZY!!!!

    @ crystal

    Crystal, I understand what you're saying but everyone's idea of a "precious" name is different.It's their child and they can name her whatever they choose.I mean, like what about the name "apple".... but it's Gwenyth Paltro's child and I'm just as sure that you'd name your children what you want and not someone's idea of cute or pretty,etc.,I've been blessed to have only 1 daughter,no sons and her name is Skye. Do you know how many people have said"what kind of name is that? In high school, one teacher who saw her name ,asked if her parents were "HIPPIES" and the list goes on but I wanted that name, she loves her name and that's all that matters. Do you see what I mean?

    @ queenofpoland

    Apple is a great name and so is
    Blanket..North is a nice name &
    maybe this kid will be intelligent
    with a sense of humour.Maybe
    she will play drums(like in
    REAL LIFE) instead of doing that
    sexist boring fashion line crap.
    Oh,by the way,queen, Skye is not
    an unusual name at all.Not in
    Canada anyway.It is also used
    for guys..It's a nice name but it's
    not as unique as you make it out
    to be. No matter what these ego-
    maniacal wccners call her, she
    will be part of both of them a.k.a.
    Monstrous Ass.North is way cooler than that godawful trendy
    'Harper'.O well, gotta feed my Zane Grey here in the true North.

    @ lori+snyder

    lori+snyder: I didn`t say my daughter`s name was unique. I said that people were always questioning the name. I`ve also had people say that they thought the name was beautiful, others said they`d never heard it before and so on. I was telling crystal that everyone has different tastes as she said that the name `North`` was a joke.If you like the names apple or blanket, go for it.You should try reading a bit closer to what was written. Have no idea what a ``zane gray```is..........

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