Justin Bieber Posts Bra Photo, Is Apparently All Grown Up

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Justin Bieber is not old enough to hang out in certain nightclubs, but the singer still considers himself to be a grown-up.

Because a fan recently toss an undergarment on stage.

The incident took place during a recent stop on his global tour, with Bieber posting a photo to Instagram of a long bra lying before him, including with it the caption:

"I guess everyone grows up."

Bra Photo

Of course, many would take issue these days with just how mature Justin Bieber actually is.

He flips out when someone tries to take his photo. He allegedly spits on his neighbor. He supposedly speeds all around town.

He wears sunglasses indoors.

Overall, the training aspect of the above-pictured bra may have been removed, but it takes a lot more than young women throwing adult underwear at you to be a man, Biebs.

Just something to ponder.




Why would he tweet his bra falling off!


Selena Gomez taught him about s-x, drugs/drinking but that didn't make him a man. He needs to become a soldier and go to Iraq. He will leave a boy and come back a man and a real hero everyone can actually look up to.

@ marymary

Um, we stopped sending troops to Iraq years ago. Get with it marymary.


Now why would the little guy take his bra off in mid performance? Next we will see a photo of him taking his tampon out.

@ Hellion

LOL! Ur funny! You're right too.


The thing is I don't think he gaves a flying fuck since he makes more money than most people so basically he can kind of do whatever he wants.

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