Ian Somerhalder: Getting Over Nina Dobrev With Malese Jow?

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Is Ian Somerhalder moving on from Nina Dobrev with Malese Jow? Probably not, but a cozy photo of the two on Twitter has gotten people talking.

Somerhalder, 34, recently appeared at the 2013 BloodyCon in Germany along with Jow, 22, who has also recurred on The Vampire Diaries as Anna.

Images like this one have surfaced and ignited the reports they're an item:

Ian Somerhalder and Malese Jow

"Omgomgomg you guys!! @QuestionAnders and i got to ask @iansomerhalder a question during his panel!! ;)" Malese excitedly posted on her Twitter.

Afterwards, Malese shared the above image ... clearly enjoying herself.

Obviously, it could only mean an innocent, sweet gesture between good friends and former colleagues who have not seen each other in quite some time.

On the other hand, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have been so tight-lipped about their recent split that it's anyone's guess what they're up to.

There was that cryptic Tweet he posted, reports that he was too serious for her, and that hot beach yoga photo of her ... all of which tell us next to nothing.

For her part, she's been largely off the map, Tweeting, "Boarding plane! Looking forward to getting lost somewhere :) Packing light ... Playing it by ear."

The ex-couple are obviously moving on, balancing their respective work schedules and vacations before returning for The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

Whether Malese Jow is playing any role in that is subject to your interpretation ... so by all means share what you think is going on with Ian below!


Well he does like his twenty year olds, it wouldn't surprise me lol


I don't want them to move on if ian has been cheating he is a asshole


Daman & Elena NOT 2 gether NE more? SAD didn't hear of NE split that chick's NOT even pretty!


Ian took a photo with Malese at a convention, oh the shock of it all. He must of been sleeping with her for the last three years even though she hasn't been a regular in Atlanta since season one, yeah okay. You guys seriously need to stop getting your ideas and information from those 2 idiots at celebrity dirty laundry. It's a shame when someone can't interact with friends, cast members and fans without having an 'Im an evil womanizing sleazeball' label attached to them. Gossip journalism at it's finest!


Why this dude never got picked to play Christian Grey, I'll never know.


what i think is you guys should not post such articles...they just make some haters talk bad about ian.he most of the time hugs fans,even kisses them..mutually acceptably..so don't make great articles over a small picture..and rest in peace..and yes,Ian is the most wonderful man on earth.even with all his faults.


Yol r ful of shit,I mean really have yol run of articles.....like really malesa jow, seriously '-'


Oh come on. Ian is close like that to his other cast members too, there's plenty of photos like this with him and Candice and Kat. Can't believe this is even an actual rumor.


some girls just need an ASSHOLE who pays everything for them.

@ abe

You know what Abe....You may have a point. I can't believe I just agreed with you!" Of all people!" Wow the world really is ending soon isn't it?"

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