Charice Pempengco Admits: I'm a Lesbian

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Charice Pempengco - a Filipino singer who was discovered by Oprah off YouTube and who has guest-starred on Glee and judged the Philippine version of The X Factor - confirmed a rumor yesterday:

She's gay.

The 21-year old said she's now estranged from her family and then actually apologized to some fans after making the announcement (below), but she then added:

"To those who can accept me, thank you very much. We are all equal, whether you are gay or straight.”

Let's just hope there are a lot more folks in the latter category than in the former.


mukha siyang BURAT!!!




I really like her before. Now I don't know I don't care. Anyway charice God given you a talent & perfect body are you not satisfied for that? You think God was happy? Noooooooo!


one and last.. u just ruined your own dream that you did when u were 16 met with celine dion and oprah... dude... wake up


For me.. i dont care either.. but one thing my point is.. God already gave u the nice voice and meet your fans such as celine dion as u draw her face when u were 3 or 4 yo.... now look at u.. lesbian? everyone is equal.. yes man and woman is equal.. but not for relationship... so think abt it.. when God gave to u... He can taken away from u too and u can be ruined.. have u ever read old testamon abt people who against HIM, He will take action.. even tho yr mum dont like it.. and pray for u... hey sis.. wake up... but I leave with HIM... He the one judge... but look at the world are looking to it.. come on..


i feel so disappointed on her... all of her sacrifice just waste because of her statement, can't she just choose guy?? why need she choose the same gender as she is... you won't feel happy.. don't you want a perfect family?? how could you have a child when you with her?? do you ever think about your mother feels?? that her daughter is not normal won't have a normal life..
you were once an angel, with innocent feature.. sweet, but why you change into something like this?? ever you feel sorry for what you do to your self.. or is this just some self distraction you create??.. i hope you'll be back to the right path.. as a woman you only can love a guy, not another woman.. you are just wasting your talent with this scandal.. you lost so many fans, they became antis.. i just said that i adore the old charice, where she has a long hair and a cute gesture.. even though you change your style just please don't change your orientation.. just love the guy species...


I realy like charice I am her number one fans I'm gonna see her I love her! But now I hate her and shea fucking ugly and dwarf lesbian! She looks beautiful when she has a long hair... hindi bagay ang male haircut nya at male style.


I am very disappointed what charice did! Coz I am her fans I like her very much coz she's beautiful cute girl but now she's so ugly look hindi bagay sa kanya ang male haircut at very small look like a dwarf because of shoes.


i really really don't like her, so i don't care


ewww, that kind of person don't need love, support and respect that much either!!! Had watched that news at US awhile and I'm fuckingly disappointed. its a big big lost for HIM!! "YEAH, i already knew ima lesbian since i'm 5", She bragged. EWWWW, i cant even imagine that all of us were trapped and attracted on her angelic face she has before. its a pity for her that CHASTERS will say, "why am still supporting this guy up to this far?? Now i know she's nott my so-called SIS but now a bud!! "and one more thing after those years, those decades her mother it self and she had been through?? this what she did?? watta dork she was!!! if she has still respect to her mum, then stop those allegations against Racquel! She don't deserve too much attention CHARICE ain't that good enough to make me her. Such a waste of space here in planet.I admire her very much before of having a simple look. For me i am not in favor for what CHARICE have done PS-- What do you THINK guys???

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