Beardless Duck Dynasty Brother: Coming in Season 4!

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A beardless Duck Dynasty brother seems almost blasphemous, but Alan Robertson, the oldest son of Phil and Kay, is joining the hit reality show in August.

Alan, 47, looks a bit different than his younger siblings. Take a look:

Alan Robertson Duck Dynasty Photo

The clean-shaven Alan, as the above image makes abundantly clear, tends to dress in nice business attire rather than the camo his brothers favor.

“Their beards are so iconic,” he told the New York Post. “All this time I’ve been flying under the radar; I can go to Starbucks and get Mama coffee.”

So who is Alan, and why's he coming on board the series now?

Robertson is a 47-year-old minister who has been preaching full-time at his Louisiana church rather than joining his family on the hit A&E show.

But on Duck Dynasty, Alan sees a chance to share his faith with the show’s viewers, a stunning 9.6 million of which tuned in for the season finale.

“What I do for our church - it’s a pretty good-sized church - impacts a lot of people, but because of my association with the show, I’ll get to minister to a lot more people,” he said.

Alan Robertson has long been torn on whether to join Duck Dynasty, but ultimately decided that because his kids were grown it wouldn’t invade on their privacy.

Are you excited to meet another Robertson August 14?

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I LOVE duck dynasty! I am super excited to meet Alan and learn more about him and the rest of the Robertsons. They remind me so much of my own family.


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YAY!!! My favorite show! Can't wait to see how Alan changes brothers' dynamic! Love the Robertsons; best role models EVER.