Anderson Cooper on Alec Baldwin: Where's the Outrage?!?

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Alec Baldwin going off on a reporter is not unusual.

It's become more of a norm for this actor than hosting Saturday Night Live.

But Baldwin took his rage to a disturbing extreme last week when he blasted Daily Mail reporter George Stark for allegations the writer made about Baldwin's wife.

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  • Alec Baldwin at the SAG Awards

The Emmy winner has since apologized for the homophobic nature of his remarks, but Anderson Cooper has still raised an interesting question regarding Baldwin, an outspoken liberal.

“Why does#AlecBaldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs?" the openly gay anchor wondered on Twitter. "If a conservative talked of beating up a ‘queen’ they would be vilified.”

Cooper then re-Tweeted a message from CNN producer Steve Krakauer, who quoted the excerpts of Baldwin’s tirade that read: ”[I'd] put my foot up your f**king ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much.”

What does that mean, Alec? both Krakauer and Cooper asked.

No direct response yet from the star, but what do you think of Baldwin's Twitter rant?


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they both hate homosexuals?


No repercussions for Alec but Paula gets treated like she killed someone.


.....and then there's Paula Deen. Taking hits from all different directions. Surely there is a stopping point when the "Progressive side" is halted long enough to see just how they themselves are the Racist or Homophobe. All the energy it must take to prove every conservative evil. Where do they find the strength? The double standards are blatantly obvious (IRS VS. TEA PARTY) and the chances of politicians or civilians to come together has never been more impossible. Capital one? He who hesitates is lost.

@ Marge

Alec needs o be dumped by Capital just as Paula herself has been removed. He is a loose cannon of vitriol and anger. Still - I believe Paula is getting her "just desserts". I read the court docs. She and her brother are racists without a doubt. Google & read people. Paula's problems are RECENT not 30 yrs old. SHE stated using the n word that long ago. She has done much, much, much worse since then. Paula's empire is over....deservedly so.

@ Twink

Over- not a chance! She is a victim of the Weak White People of America- who pisses in their pants over any kind of bigotry. I am of course taking about white bigotry. Blacks- well they can be just as racist as they choose?


I hope Anderson Cooper contacts Captial One and asks if their silence means they condone and stand behind the views expressed my Baldwin.

@ Ann

Oh please! Maybe your idea of 'racism' is just KARMA coming back to bite on your a$$ and rightfully so! and what does that have to do with Alec? Maybe there are so many double standards because YOU ALL created them! Alec is getting a pass because he is a beloved white male star so maybe you need to take a long hard look at the people you worship stupid.

@ Ann

Their silence can only be secondary to their profound ignorance. Baldwin is an Obama followered & that in itself qualifies him for much needed medical treatment by way of Obamacare. These stupid celebrities all Liberals. All self indulged idiots. If it wasn't for acting or singing they would be sacking groceries somewhere or robbing the supermarket which ever comes more natural.


For Capital One to keep him as their spokesman, means they condone his behavior. He isn't sorry! He supports organizations only so he can bolster his image not because he's a true supporter. This wasn't a one time event. He called a black reporter "Rodney King". Was that his way of using the N word? Was "Rodney King" meant to be a synonym? Alec Baldwin is a racist!!! Hasn't Mel Gibson taught us anything?!? I personally went to Capital One's facebook page and expressed by disappointed in their remaining silent AND continuing to pay a man who has hurt the LGBT community during a week that should have a celebration!

@ Ann

He's a low class jerk who also said terrible things to his own daughter HE'S the pig and I won't watch a thing more with that loser in it.

@ Ann

Ann...of course Capital One is gonna condone Alec Baldwin's behavior!!!!! Alec generates A LOT of business for Capital One. The more that Alec continues to generate business for Capital One...then...Capital One will continue to turn a blind eye and all to Alec and his wild-ass antics. It's sad, is what it is.


Totally agree with your Two Cents. Baldwin needs to be boycotted!!


I'm not surprised....Alec is a rabid dog underneath it all!" Someone needs to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget, and I believe that a gentleman like Anderson Cooper has just what it takes to do it!"