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Lindsay Lohan is now Adderall-free.

Yeah. We’re as surprised as you are.

Despite putting up one heck of a fight to maintain her access to Adderall while in rehab over the past three months, sources say she’s clean as of now. 

If you recall, she threatened to bail on rehab if she couldn’t take the ADHD drug, then threw a fit after Betty Ford said she didn’t need it and cut her off.


Adderall has become a popular (and highly-addictive) drug with young actresses for weight control, so it’s possibly (maybe even likely), she took it for that.

All a thing of the past now, though.

Now that she’s in another facility to finish her treatment, she’s given up the ghost, despite her earlier, adamant claims that she can’t function without it.

Miracles do happen apparently.

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