Tom Mesereau on Wade Robson: Money-Grubbing, Publicity-Seeking Liar!

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Wade Robson's interview on Today this morning, in which he said Michael Jackson is a pedophile who abused and brainwashed him, was pretty compelling.

Compellingly atrocious, according to Tom Mesereau, the attorney who repped MJ in his 2005 molestation case and scoffs at Robson's sex abuse claims.

"This is a pathetic and an obvious grab for publicity and an attempt to put pressure on [Michael Jackson's] Estate to pay him money," he tells TMZ.

Mesereau says that Wade Robson is flat-out lying when he says this is not about money, saying, "Why call yourself a creditor if it's not about money." 

Robson has filed a belated creditor's claim with the estate.

Mesereau says Robson was grilled by the prosecutor in the 2005 criminal case and was unwavering, stating that MJ DID NOT molest him, ever.

He says it's simply unbelievable that the truth - as Wade claims he has finally comes to terms with - didn't surface when Robson was on the stand.

Mesereau says Robson, 30, is clearly an intelligent guy who has volunteered multiple statements in and out of court, defending the late King of Pop.

As for the money he claims he's not after, the attorney calls BS again, saying "Everyone knows this Estate is well over a billion dollars and growing."

Wade, for his part, says it's not about the money, and he is not going away or looking to be bought off. He says this is all part of his healing process.

You tell us: Do you believe Robson's allegations?


even his legal papers are filled with lies
He claims he didn't know michael had an estate untill 2012 but he worked with the estate in 2009
His lawyer claims he can't work anymore due to the truma yet he is still working in the entertainemnt business
claims he sin't going away but moved to hawaii
claims its not about money but he is suing the estate in an attempt to get money
When will these lies stop?


so he claims its not about money but he sues yeh rite lie number 1
in his lawsuit claims he suffered from repressed memory on tv denies it. Lie number 2
how can anyone believe him??


Is there something or someone behind all these lies? RIP Michael, we believe in your!
Love you 4ever xxxxx


I don't believe it for a second!! MJ was prooved INNOCENT!!

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