Wade Robson SLAMMED By Michael Jackson Attorneys Over Molestation Claims

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Wade Robson is blatantly lying in claiming Michael Jackson molested him as a child, according to past and present attorneys for the late King of Pop.

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    Why is robson talking about repressed memories now that his boss AEG is being sued?Robson knew that as a child he had slept with Michael Jackson.he also knew all these years what Michael Jackson was being accused of.Why didn't he have his repressed memories checked out before?Why Now that his boss is being sued? Why now that nobody remembers who Wade Robson is ?


    "Repressed memory" MY ASS!!!!! And, I totally agree with Nikki...This is truly ridiculous and that Wade Robson dip-shit just wants money. VERY, VERY DUMB AS HELL!!!!!


    Please fellow human beings, do your research before you believe what this greedy and desperate man's claims and the media. Michael was innocent and the that's the truth if you actually look at the facts. It's heartbreaking that there's so much greed in this world that people can't see what a gentle, kindhearted, charitable person Michael was. Harming children would be the LAST thing he would ever even think about doing. He loved children because he never experienced a childhood and because he felt decieved by adults his entire life. He devoted his entire life to helping the sick and poor; That's why he built Neverland. You will be blown away by the huge amounts of facts about what this poor man had to suffer through his entire life because of people putting his hand into his pockets. Love to all and don't let anybody else tell you what you should believe before doing the research yourself.


    This guy is just after money. Wade just because you blew all of your millions and have nothing now.. Don't try and go back on your word all for money. Your not going to get anything thing anyways.. This is ridiculous.


    Stop this dumb shit this man is dead and u air birds still trying to pick at his bones. This joker want money and his name in lights. When things in life don't work lets go make up shit. This trailer T need to go away and anybody that work with him is stuip as hell. He has proven he can't be trusted and make shit up. Even lie to the judge. File this shit trash away and leave it.


    please stop this nonsens of a body double.

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