Time "Millennials" Cover Rips, Praises Generation of "Entitled Narcissists"

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Time's most recent cover story has really struck a nerve with "Millennials," or people born between 1980-2000, a group it labels "entitled narcissists."

The cover photo, fittingly, is a teenage girl snapping a selfie.

Time Millennials Cover

The accompanying story, written by Joel Stein, sums up Millennials as such: They’re narcissistic. They’re lazy. They’re coddled. They’re a bit delusional.

The National Institute of Health backs this up. Among people in their 20s, Narcissistic Personality Disorder is three times as high as in other adults.

However, despite being self-obsessed social-media addicts, these young adults are really the US' saviors - or at least have the potential to be.

Changing fast in a world undergoing rapid technological shifts, they’re surprisingly optimistic, confident, pragmatic and most of all, adaptable.

Despite its somewhat positive (or at least mixed) conclusion, the story is receiving backlash for its overt, sweeping generalizations of 80 million people.

Some critics suggest that the baby boomer generation may be the real narcissists who instilled these values (or lack thereof) that they now condemn.

What do you think: Kids these days ...


I am of this generation being a teenager and I can't even stand my generation either. Most of them are stupid and listen to Shitty Minaj, Frake, Lil Gayne and all sorts of crap. I rather listen to Classics like MJ, Led Zeppelin, Queen etc than today's mainstream crap. The shows of my generation is crap, most of them stupid reality TV shows. Worst of all, my generation has to pay back the national debt because our parents and grandparents screwed us up. What a hopeless generation to be apart of!


White women will drop their panties for any Juan,Jamal and Tyrone these days no wonder most white guys have moved on to other chix.


Ok, let's face facts....we are not only living in the "Me" Generation, but we are also living in a "Have it your way" society as well...it's sad, but that's, the way it unfortunately is. My theory as to why this has come to be is maybe there were alot of us kids from the 80s/90s (self included) to grow up not really feeling connected to our loved ones i.e. sitting down at the dinner table and discussing the days,events with one another, or having a genuine heart to heart with Mom and dad...assuming dad is even still around! So some of us occupied ourselves with TV and when the laptop/webcam and cellphones came along, we became superstars on our own minds, displaying animated aspects of our private lives and over sharing of information that would've been better left for a therapists couch than for the whole world...what it all boils down to is a misplaced need for attention....it would be nice if it came from the parents but since that ain't happening, any old attention is better than none! I guess. So the world wide Web is the stage for all kinds of crazy to go down....That's just the state of our sad, lonely slightly desensitized "Me" society....


The generation of girls from the 1980-2000 generation are complete and total f-ups.They cop the princess mentality and act as though they are 'special'.They also cannot put their damn cell phones down for squat.Oh yeah and they will also spread their legs for any and every minority that comes around.The do little yet expect the most generation.So in short your generation SUCKS!

@ Heath

Wait a minute Heath......so what you're saying is that you've dated all of these "whoring" Vipers? Really? You've slept with ALL OF THEM? Then that makes you the biggest WHORE OF THEM ALL now wouldn't it....judgmental jackass...the nerve you have....just cause they won't give you the time of day doesn't mean they're bad people....just makes you wish you were one of them....clearly you are not.


but you aren't exactly a role mdel. ...........WHO CARES ANYWAY?


don't sell your bedroom at home.


Honestly I see this article from both sides. In one sense I agree with Hellion, because the fact is the competition for higher education, paired with much higher tuition costs and things alike has caused great pressure on our generation. I am only 22 years old, I just graduated and have started a full time marketing job. Now, I am the only one of all my friends that has done this and I believe thats a mixture between having lazy friends, and having driven friends who aren't able to find work. I have some friends who are trying their absolute hardest to find work and the reality is, unless you can get your foot in the door whether that be by a recommendation, networking or getting lucky it is very hard to even get an interview. It is really sad, and I am lucky that I have found myself in a great role as my student debt is nearly $40,000 (I live in Canada), thus I can't imagine how much it would be for American students. Yes, some of us are lazy and rely on our parents, and some of us are simply trying our best. It is really unfair to generalize.


I'm happy to say I'm not a lazy millennial, at 26 I have 2 children, married, a home, and a career. But I can easily testify that some of my fellow millennials still do live at home, have mom and dad pay for things, and do f--k all. They'll get off their backsides at some point I'm sure.....


Obviously, a bitter member of the original and most obviously notorious "me, me, me" generation (Baby boomers) wrote this garbage.
When college tuition has risen 350% over only a ten year span and gas has gone up to nearly $4.00 a gallon it's kind of hard for a kid to afford to be out on their own.
The baby boomers have nobody else to blame but their hypocritical self indulgent selves for how the new generation lives.

@ Hellion

You kinda have a point:/ but i think it's more about parents from the 70s. Lazy..and i mean lazy parenting! It's to easy to set the kids infront of the tv, parents left it up to teachers to encourage homework to be done, divorcing and adults putting their sex life before their children, kids nolonger mow lawns to earn their toys. Parents from 70s & 80s must have fried their morals on drugs.

@ lynn

Also let's not forget mental disorders. Little assholes in my neighbor hood are just plan fu__ups, but parents swear the little Angels that are too smart to behave. I really do hate kids today. Little bastards running around everytime i go out to eat. Keep your idiots at home or i will talk nasty and loud until u take them home