Selena Gomez Performs at Billboard Music Awards, Wears Bindi Again

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Like her ex-boyfriend, Selena Gomez courted some controversy at last night's Billboard Music Awards.

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    NO. Selena only uses the bindi as a prop. No different than an actor donning a priests collar for a role in a film or play. Nothing offensive about it. Those who are offended---just want something to whine about. Selena means No-Harm to anyone that I am aware of. But,I guess haters-have-to-hate. It's what they do...
    Selena: Your performance was blisteringly HOT! You owned the stage(just like I knew you could)! And the gold WonderWoman outfit was an Awesome touch (Right down to the bullet-proof bracelets she's known for,LOL!) No doubt about it,munequita---You are the WonderWoman of the new millenium! Don't let anybody tell you different,okay,Sel'?! Keep-up the Great Work! Later all; Hollywood---out...

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