Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici: Only Getting Married For Money?

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The Bachelor star Sean Lowe is marrying fiancee Catherine Giudici for money and fame only ... according to a new celebrity gossip tabloid report.

Life & Style reports that if Sean and Catherine get married on ABC as planned, their nuptials could bring them a paycheck of around $1 million. Each.

Is that enough to keep him in a relationship he'd otherwise bail on?

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe

Reports of their demise have run rampant ever since The Bachelor ended, but as always, we'd take this with a grain of salt. Or about two million grains.

Sean Lowe does seem to be loving the attention he's getting on Dancing With the Stars, where he's in the final six. He may enjoy fame more than he says.

Going through with a wedding he wasn't feeling, though?

The image built up of Sean the stand-up guy who wants to honor and love his wife with everything he has may be slightly overblown, but not entirely.

Sean chose her over Desiree Hartsock, AshLee Frazier and Lindsay Yenter, all of whom were head over heels for him. He was that smitten with Cat.

He's been so serious about getting married that even if he and Catherine Giudici do split, we imagine it'll be truly surprising and heartbreaking for them.

Maybe they'll last and maybe they won't. We'd give each about an even chance right now. But we highly doubt Sean is playing her or stringing her along.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici: Will it last?


Wow I like the shirt and pants


she is beautiful


Wow, this just seems to be the cheap opinion of an individual not professional public, objective and proved journalism.


This couple are very in love and must have money to buy their own house and raise children. It's impressive that at young ages they're intelligent & responsible couple.


These articles are just so fictitious to demean the parties involved. The authors are slanderous trying to ruin another's situation. How sad to so malignant.

Chantel cole
@ Guest

Really Guest you never know I think only time can tell give it 2 years and see were this relationship ends up

@ Chantel Cole

@ChantelCole I agree with you. I watched both of them on DWTS when the paps were around and both seemed to like the lime light a lot. Last interview Sean said they still hadn't set a date and were going to hang at the beach. Does that mean they are staying in CA? Also, no children in the plans and when Sean was on the show that is what he was looking for. I just wonder.

@ Chantel Cole

That would be enough to buy their own house, raise children and live happily. Need money to survive. Not only theyre in love w/each other, I consider them intelligent and responsible couple.


In my opinion Sean is the lucky one. If anyone bails I would expect it to be Catherine. Sean would never have lasted with Emily Maynard. she would never let him have more fame than her.


love when abe shuts up because I got here first. hahaha moron. Unless you still want to put a dumb comment here, go ahead. How about "read my lips FAME WHORES". it took me 2 seconds to come up with that, it would have taken you a good 5 minutes, but I'll let you have it for free.

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