Punched Ref Dies: Ricardo Portillo Passes Away After Attack By Penalized Teen

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A Utah community is mourning the death of a soccer referee, Ricardo Portillo, who was allegedly punched in the head by a teen he called a penalty on.

The punch occurred April 27, and he died May 4, Salt Lake City police say.

Portillo, 47, passed away after slipping into a coma after being hospitalized from the attack. He reportedly suffered from extreme swelling of his brain.

The 17-year-old was arrested for aggravated assault, but prosecutors could add more charges related to the man's death. He may be tried as an adult.

Sources say during a league game, the teen punched the referee in the head. He had just received a yellow card and a physical altercation ensued.

The injury not appear to be as bad as it was at first glance.

Portillo was hospitalized, but only later did doctors at Intermountain Medical Center realize he was suffering from severe head trauma, likely from the attack.

He was listed in critical condition and eventually fell into a coma.

His daughter said in a statement regarding the incident: "I know if he spends time in jail, like forever, it's not enough. It's not going to bring my daddy back."


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