Obama Approval Rating Not Impacted By Scandals

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Justifiably or not, President Barack Obama's approval rating has apparently not been hurt by a trio of scandals making headlines in the past week.

A new poll from CNN and ORC International found that 53 percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing, while 45 percent disapprove.

President Obama in Florida

This number remains virtually unchanged from polls taken before the AP and IRS scandals hit and the Benghazi scandal reemerged due to hearings.

A CNN poll taken in early April showed Obama's approval rating at 51 percent. A Gallup poll taken in early May showed him hovering at 50 percent.

Obama won 51.1 percent in the 2012 presidential election.

The survey found that 71 percent of Americans believe the actions of the IRS employees who admit they targeted tea party groups were unacceptable.

However, nearly the same percentage said they trusted Obama's statements - he basically said he was not aware of it until after the fact - on the issue.

Last week was a rough one for Obama, following the news that the IRS had been unfairly targeting tea party groups applying for tax-exempt status.

Additionally, it was revealed that the Justice Department subpoenaed phone records from the AP in what many felt was a major government overreach.

Meanwhile, the White House also faced continued scrutiny on the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, last September 11, regarding who knew what and when.

Still, at least for now, Obama has remained somewhat detached from all three. Whether he'll be able to get anything done in D.C. is another story, however.


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Well, what do you expect? Blacks voted for him because he's one of them, they don't care about what's good for the country, so many lack intelligence, they're inferior mentally, with exceptions, and so many are parasites, takers, gimme mah free shit. Then you have the whites who believe anything, they're easily controlled, and not as dumb as the blacks, very weak minded, their minds clouded by years of dope smoking. The latinos, hoping to get their worthless relatives an amnesty, so they can get all of the free, schooling, food stamps, and medical. Obama deserves nothing short of being imprisoned, for all the stuff he's pulled.


The sad thing is a majority of the people in the US don't care about Benghazi, IRS or AP. As long as I can get the gov't to pay for my healthcare, housing and foodstamps-who cares? A majority of the people care more about Jodi Arias than these scandals.


Polls are garbage.These same BS polls claim 90% support gun control (LIE) Propaganda is the gospel for you sheeple.Keep sucking on that gov't teat.




don't talk you people......JUST HAVE TRUST!!
he can do it.


The people that approve of this fool are uneducated. Why would his approval change?

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