Michael Jackson Addiction Denial: Will it Hurt Family's Wrongful Death Case?

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Katherine Jackson's apparent contradiction about her son Michael‘s drug use may hurt her wrongful death lawsuit claim, according to a new report.

Announcing the Tour

An attorney for Katherine told jurors Monday during opening statements that the late King of Pop had been addicted to prescription drugs for decades.

The Jackson family's case hinges on the notion that this was common knowledge and that AEG's claims to have been unaware of it were negligent.

However, a statement signed by the Jackson family matriarch in 2007 claiming that her son DIDN’T have an addiction problem may not help her cause.

The letter was signed two years after Jackson had been acquitted of child molestation charges in Santa Maria, Calif., and two years before his death.

Katherine, Jermaine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon Jackson issued a statement, signed by all five, declaring Michael didn’t have ANY substance issues.

They all also declared they had never attempted to stage an intervention on Michael in response to claims by People that MJ was hooked on booze and pills.

The family said in 2007 that the "most troubling and heinous" of all Michael Jackson rumors is that "he is dependent on painkillers and alcohol."

“We categorically deny ever planning, participating in, or having knowledge of any kind of intervention, whatsoever,” the statement also asserts.

It’s a key point as Katherine, Prince and Paris Jackson sue concert promoter AEG and claim everyone knew Michael had painkiller addiction problems.

They're trying to cast doubt on AEG’s claim that it was unaware.

Seeking $40 billion in damages from the company, the family claims AEG pushed MJ too hard - including by hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who killed him.

But has family’s position on MJ merely shifted to fit the lawsuit?

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