Lil Twist Pulled Over for Speeding in Justin Bieber's Ferrari

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Seriously, Justin Bieber?!? Get some new friends.

Or at least stop letting your current ones borrow your wheels.

Lil Twist Picture

With the singer under extreme scrutiny these days for driving like a maniac around his Calabasas neighborhood, Lil Twist was pulled over in Bieber's Ferrari last night and cited for - you guessed it, unfortunately - speeding just outside the gated community.

Lil Twist also crashed Bieber's car in March and was behind the wheel in January when cops pulled him over and a photographer died trying to snap pictures.

Equally as disheartening as Twist still being given the keys to Bieber's Ferrari?

According to TMZ, police only gave him a warning. Sigh.

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No offence but i think something is wrong with lil twist....i mean doesnt he have his own car to wreck...


I think that he is "Twist-ed".


I think he has anything even with this guy
because he is protecting too


How convenient to have this guy stopped. Just a way for biebs to say he's not the only one who drives this car. But, btw,just a warning??? C'mon!!!


A lot of people keep making comments like “do these people think they are above the law”. Well obviously they are since they do what they want and don’t get as much as a slap on the wrist. Neither of these little turds deserves the privilege of driving. One of them doesn’t know how to drive and the other doesn’t have enough sense to drive within the laws/rules of the road……………….. I was taught that driving was a privilege that you earned. If I didn’t respect the laws and rules of the road my driving privileges would be taken away either by my parents or the court. Therefore I learn to drive responsible because that was a privilege I didn’t want to lose. It appears to me both of these guys are doing everything they can to deify the law. It's time the police start treating them like anyone else and do their job. They are both out of control and need to be brought back to reality before they get killed or kill someone.


These kids shouldn't be driving Ferraris...they should be driving 1958 Volkswagen Beetles with 37 "horses!!" ~0:-/


Why does Justin let this freak drive his car... and why does he hang out with these kind of people??????????


Another talentless POS that thinks his punk ass is above the law. smh


why is he still able to drive...sounds to me like pr people trying to make everything bad Justin does this guys fault..