Lil Twist Totals Justin Bieber's Car, Flees Scene of Accident

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When the owner is away, the idiotic friend will play.

While Justin Bieber passed out during a show in London last night, his good pal Lil Twist was busy getting himself into a different kind of trouble back home.

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Sources confirm to TMZ that the rapper got into yet ANOTHER driving mishap while driving Bieber's Fisker Karma on Tuesday, but this one was especially troublesome:

Lil Twist reportedly crashed into protective cement poles at a San Fernando Valley liquor store around 6 p.m., damaging both those structures and the vehicle.

Witnesses then say a BMW rolled up a few minutes later, gathered pieces of the pole and battered car up and fled the scene with Lil Twist inside.

It's a crime, of course, to abandon the scene of a crash that involves property damage without at least exchanging information with the other injured party.

Lil Twist, meanwhile, was caught speeding in Bieber's Ferrari on January 1, an incident that tragically led the death of a paparazzo who thought Justin was behind the wheel.

He also bottomed out the same car in the Four Seasons parking lot a couple months ago, causing thousands in damage.

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When god give me one chance i know that i am rock.


But i know that he is good guy


I am good singer .and i am not mad like him


Justin is mad boy.


Take his keys and license already! My god because these people are famous they get away with everything. Just pray the next person that gets hit by Bieber's will be okay.


Am I the only one who thinks that Lil Twist MAY BE Beiber's boyfriend?? Lol


shot out to the lil homies Twist and Bieber live life to the fullest! get all the money and fuck all the bitches! joy where yo bitch and yo mama at so i can play golf wit em. fuck them in all six holes you know they want a thorough live MANDINGO!


@Frogmore Fuck u pig


Get a clue - Lil Twist - either take a refresher driving class or S T O P D R I V I N G!!


Apparently, Bieber (and Twist it seems) are unteachable. With Bieber footing the bill for all Twist's accidents, I'd have thought he'd would have at least learned, even if Twist could not. But they're both totally unteachable.

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