Kim Kardashian Screams at Paparazzi: Shut the Effin Door!

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She may have invited them into her life at one point, but Kim Kardashian has had it with the paparazzi.

Yesterday, after arriving at LAX, the pregnant reality star was surrounded and hounded by these supposed journalist.

Covering her face, Kim just made it to her car... where photographer had opened a door in order to snap more pictures when she yelled: "Shut the f*cking door, you idiots!"

Watch the craziness unfold here:

Earlier this month, Kanye West walked into a pole due to the paparazzi and Kim nearly got into a car crash.

Sound off now: Do you think the paparazzi should leave Kardashian alone?


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Kim Kardashian Screams at Paparazzi: Shut the Effin Door!
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Kartrashian ? Love it. Can't wait to be famous because I made a sex tape ! Talk about trash, you got it.
Can't someone convince this WHORE that she needs to loosen up her clothing ? That poor baby! You would have thought that Trashy KIM would have designed her own maternity clothing line, instead of looking like stuffed sausage wherever she goes ! You would have thought that someone would have told this idiot that all that WEIGHT gain isn't good for HER, much less be good for the baby....ever heard of gestational diabetes ? So, I wonder what the baby's FIRST word is gonna be ? I can only imagine ! The baby will probably learn the "F" word right off...and probably go to sleep watching mommy's famous SEX TAPE ! LOL!


The consequences can be ugly when you choose fame, fortune, etc. But, I can sympathize with her mainly because she is carrying an unborn baby. And yet she has to deal with insensitive people who happen to be the paparazzi.


A photographer opened the door to her car to get more shots? If someone did that to me, I'd shoot 'em dead. You don't touch my car pal.


This fat whore shouldn't leave the house if she don't want to get hounded, fuck her rights, she won't complain when the camera is in front of her twat when she shits out that kid

@ Kuntdashian

The photographer opened her car door to get more shots of her. He touched her car. I'm no K fan, but that's just wrong. What if someone had done that to you while you were in your car. Boom, they're dead, right!

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I am definitely not a fan of this no talent, skank, fame/ money whore, but the paps did not have the right to open the door, even if pimp momma Kris does call the paps every time one of her slutty daughters step out the door. Notice how Kris just walked in the background, letting the paps get full view of KIMMODE. LOL!!!


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I don't give a sh*t if she is a reality star, you DO NOT go opening someone car door and snapping pics, that is out of line, and you haters can spew all the foolishness you want, even an idiot knows that is illegal, you people need to stop being such idiots. That fool could have been arrested for that. I tell you hate is a funny thing it tends to overtake common sense.


Hey kim maybe u should stay home for once, why u gotta be all over the place u have enough money to relax, trying to be like kanye now hahaha....


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