Justin Bieber Halts Concert to Observe Islamic Prayer

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Amidst talk of a Selena Gomez reconciliation... and talk that he's in need of saving... and recent shirt removals, rumored spot smoking and all-around craziness, Justin Bieber simply stopped during a concert in Turkey last night.


To observe the Islamic call to prayer.

Justin Bieber Sings in Concert

Specifically, Bieber honored those who observe The Azan, which takes place in the main mosque five times per day.

Attendees were reportedly shocked and appreciative of the gesture, with many taking to Twitter shortly after the show and referring to Bieber as "respectful" and a "great man."

It's been awhile, but looks like Justin finally did something right.


Well well well....
He insults Anne Frank and observes Muslim Prayers.... Watch out America!


love you regardlessss ......


Woow! I'm shocked, looks like the kid is finally manning up


Like this tool even knows what The Azan is about. His PR team told him to do it for damage control. Looks like Justine's 15 minutes are almost up.


Say What? SO Justin is a muslim, doesn't mean much to me. Would he quit trying to be a star because it offends Christians (he is such a dweeb). I doubt it. He is in lock-step with Obozo.


Justin smokin spot? What happen to good ole pot?

@ Smokin what?

And nice work stopping for prayer.


With his new hairdo he looks like a Kewpie doll. Oh and btw, he isn't a man, he is still a boy. He wouldn't make a scab on a man's ass.


Who cares anything about Justin. Him, Amanda, and Lindsey should be locked away together.


Well at least someone taught him a little bit out respect


Another nut!

@ critic

You say crazy, when you're not looking closely enough at the (WHY) instead, you dismiss him because you just believe like I once did that he was just a spoiled best who hadn't grown up. Part of that may be true,but there's,more behind why Justin as well as many of your,superstars in the past are the way they are...and it's not by mistake or coincidence.Check out the illuminati in Hollywood on YouTube if you have it...you'll be very surprised..assuming you're not one of the many who haven't been brainwashed so much so that you are unwilling to connect but a few dots.. Take a look, I dare you to do it with an open mind....

@ Invisible says...

S-T-F-U with your illuminati BS. smfh damn idiots coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches. -

@ Kellie

Spoken like true white trash vermin...You know nothing of what I speak, therefore you shall remain one of the many blind, ignorant and lost....if you refuse to see your own country turn into a zombie run society, that's left up to you....just remember, you've been warned....jackass.


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