Selena Gomez: Called in to Save Justin Bieber?

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We have a new twist in the apparent reconciliation of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

According to a Star Magazine source, Selena didn't just fly to Norway last month because she missed her ex-boyfriend.

She was apparently “brought it by Justin’s mentor and best friend, Pastor Judah Smith, to stop [Bieber] from falling apart."

Justin Bieber in Stockholm
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Bieber, of course, has been making news for all the wrong reasons over the past few months, smoking pot...spitting at neighbors... and taking his shirt off at odd times.

“Pastor Judah pleaded with Selena to fly to Norway,” alleges the tabloid insider. “She’s the only person who can stop Justin from having a breakdown.”

While it's unclear just what the status of this relationship is, the source adds that Justin has "lost his way" and "needs her more than ever." As for Selena?

"She wants to at least be friends again.”

And her pals hope that's all it is. Another report this week says those close to Gomez are encouraging her to stay away from Bieber.


first of all your not Justin Bieber second even if you were Justin Bieber you would not say you were gay I'm not denedfing him but I'm not assaulting him I'm just trying to end this nonsense i mean like people are denedfing him others are are assaulting him so just everybody SO STOP WITH THIS SHIT and I'm not a little girl denedfing him so be it


If I was Selena I would stay far away from this boy until he grew up. I don't think she should get involved.


I have already answered this on If anyone wishes to see the way I answered, go there. I didn't know that it was on THG until just now...Sorry about that,everyone. I'll start checking here first from now on...Later all; Hollywood---out...


I seriously hope this is true, gives Selena some redeeming quality in my eyes, instead of her just going back to Bieber when he treated her so bad. Maybe the Pastor did plead with her- and sweet forgiving Selena had no choice but to go and talk to him. I seriously hope they are not together, with all that I have. Be strong Selena!

@ Nolata

you better shut the fuck up she treated him bad actually get ur facts right!!!!!!!


If the source is afaid to say who they are is either another gossip site playing them or it false. They are back together she postage a picture with a heart on her instagram page she has a new one and said back and better then ever that I clear sign that they are back together she wouldn't have done that right after her trip to Norway if the didn't get their love back.


She should stay with him! And I am not a fan of Bieber or Selena


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stay togethere


RUMOR!! When the media can't find anything new to report, they start to get their source hiding in their office closet to come up with something!!



@ abe

shut the hell up oh yay I can play dirty to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love RA

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