Jenelle Evans Bikini Photo: So Hot or So Not?

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Looks like Jenelle Evans is trying to take her mind off her recent arrest, and everyone else's too ... but is a bikini photo of Jenelle Evans something you even want to see?

Jenelle Evans Bikini Picture

The 21-year-old can be seen on her knees upon a white carpet in what looks like her bedroom. Amazingly, there is no deadbeat loser guy with her!

Her face slightly tilted to the side, the reality star proudly displays her tattoos and cleavage. "Time for a beach day, thank god!" she captioned the pic.

Thank God, indeed.

The mother of three-year-old Jace probably could use some fresh air after her arrest for heroin and assault on husband Courtland Rogers last month.

Jenelle and her estranged spouse were busted at her home in North Carolina - actually Courtland's parents' house, which she has since been kicked out of.

Police were called to the house on a domestic violence call and found her with 12 foil packages of heroin - enough to qualify as intent to distribute.

The Teen Mom 2 star is also facing a charge for simple possession of a controlled substance after she was found with Percocet with no prescription.

After the arrest, the MTV train wreck has Tweeted that she's been fighting to keep away from drugs and other temptations - and is winning the battle.

"I'm going great," she wrote to her fans. "Eating healthy. My weight is back to normal. I take Multivitamins daily and melatonin at night and I'm SOBER!"

Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt, or for Amanda Bynes.


You ever tried to put a pair of shoes on a 2 year old that didn't want those shoe on? That's what it must be like to get this one to grow up. All inked up- more seeds in her than a farmer plants. No respect and no remorse yet there are millions more just like her! What a huge hole to dig yourself out of and her prints are left on everything she touches. What a mother and what a complete waste.


this is indeed a dirty photo.

@ abe

that is the truth agree with you there she is a poor excuse of a mother its jace i feel so sorry for she will kill herself with all the drugs she is doing and jace will look back at all the teen mom episodes and want nothing to do with her


"The mother of three-year-old Jace"
What a joke, she's never been the "mother" to this child. When the going gets tough, she walks out and gets her drugs. At the most she was just the host in which Jace was born and Barbra is the mother to Jace. Phuck off and die you stupid bitch.


So not.


what is this site for nude people sick


that really not a pretty ending it is sick

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