Did Ian Somerhalder Cheat on Nina Dobrev?

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The breakup of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev is the talk of the web, with crushed fans everywhere scratching their heads and looking for answers.

Or at least wondering what might have torpedoed the romance.

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While neither has officially commented, Ian posted a cryptic Tweet after news of the split broke, and now a recent comment of hers is sparking speculation as well.

The general consensus is that The Vampire Diaries stars are at different points in life and just drifted apart, while remaining best friends, there may be more to it.

Last month, before the split became public, the actress wrote:

“Quote of the day: Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

At the time, fans speculated that Ian had been caught stepping out on her, and that rather than try to make things right, he suggested they take a break.

Now, weeks later, in light of the breakup, that sentiment rings true to many in the actress' camp who say that she effectively ended their relationship.

Pure celebrity gossip here. No more, no less. Those Tweets could mean anything, and we certainly don't know what caused them to call it quits.

Still, when the breakup happens and then you read "quotes of the day" like they've both posted with what seem like clear allusions to the other ...

Makes you think, no?


i feel like every one wants them together because of the fact we are delena fans. but if you were Ian or Nina would you really want people who don't even know you trying to mix with your personal life? Ian is engaged now to very pretty girl who I feel makes him happy. and what if you were Nikki Reed how would you feel and read these comments and saw the fact that people are against your engajment and wanting Ian with some one else. that would suck.so i feel that we should all stay out of their personal life and stick to the TVD LIFE.


He definitely needs to go back with Nina.


Im sorry that they split but I know that their going to get back with each other because she made him happy and he made her happy thats all that matters most of people dating if someone doesnt love you the way you do he or shes not going to be happy + 9x out of 10 most of realatinships split up so happynous and love is what dating is so if you love someone and he or she loves you back the same more than likely its a good realationship sinceraly,
Cheyenne Frankowski


why did they break up they were each others zing and ment to be kind of copple


Wow. Most of you are so judgmental! You do know you don't know these people, right?! Who are you to say for sure what happened? All we know for sure is that they're over. Such is life. If they say they grew apart, that's what I'll take to have happened. It's not up to the fans to try to figure out why. That doesn't matter. All they need right now is our support as fans. If that. I don't think less of either of them. They're both wonderful people and great actors.


I've read articles left and right about Ian and Nina. Some say he cheated, some say she did not want to marry, but either way the articles say they were told by a 'close source'. This tells me not to just go by what is written. Since Nina went to the beach she seems to be surrounded by people, almost like a buffer? Protection? Ian is mostly seen alone and when in NYC Friday in candid photos, he looked like he had allot on his mind. Who knows what happened. I will say this. They knew there was a 10 yr difference 3 years ago. # yrs is a long time to just up and break up out of the blue, so me figures something drastic set this in motion. If you are proposed to and you say no, that does not mean you break up. Heck, maybe she cheated, maybe he did. Before people bash remember the nice biblical passage that states let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. Mistakes unfortunately happen. I've no idea what kind of pressure thy are under. Ian is still a wonderful caring man. No matter why they are apart he is still great in my opinion. I am honestly not as impressed with Nina. Just something about her that comes off a bit flakey to me. Not to say that makes her a bad person but not on the same maturity level with Ian, but no matter what I think. I am worried about Ian, he does not look like himself..He does so much for our planet and tries to empower the ones around him.

@ Joy Tayloru turn

You make a very good point about the suddeness of the break up. They went from very cozy and into each other to tension and nervousness in each others' presence. I agree with you also about not splitting simply because someone isn't ready at this point to get married especially if you're so into each other. That's where a compromise comes into play. I hadn't thought of that but you're right about her being surrounded by friends. It could simply be that she finds comfort and support in her close friends and is using time with them to fill the gap from breaking up. He looked very stressed and exhausted (probably from traveling) in NY. What struck me odd was a report about how the "handlers" made sure there was enough space between them on the red carpet. Why, if it was a friendly split? Obviously something happened between March and May that made them part. The sad part is that they seemed like a solid couple. We'll never know what really happened because it's none of our business. But it's difficult not to be curious when something seemingly falls apart in a short period of time. He has looked really rough lately in pictures. I hope he doesn't wear himself down between traveling and this stress that he gets sick.


That dude Ian looks creepy

@ Has

IMO, something major definitely happened between March and May. I do believe that there could have been cheating involved and I have a feeling it was Ian who made the misstep. Nina started tweeting telling things in March or April that indicated trouble in paradise to me. I believe that she was not in a good frame of mind and Derek showed up and made her feel better about herself and gave her the confidence to leave the obviously problematic relationship with Ian.


people must learn that the relationship on tv ? itz not a relationship in real world................in life theres no lovey dovey like they do in tv.................people change and people say what they are feeling 'ulike on tv that they must read a script to say what they feel.......... if your a fan u willl understand that theres lot of differences between DELENA and NIAN...........


Don't you guys think they'd get sick of seeing each other so much? They're stuck together on set and once they started dating, they were together for an even longer period. A relationship can't work out if the individuals are constantly together an have no time to assess their partner in their own time. And there IS a lot of pressure on there relationship…
I hate how people automatically think that've cheated on her- one, there's no proof, and two, if he wasn't serious about her, he wouldn't have proposed! Yes folks, he proposed to Nina! They could've just broken up like any other NORMAL couple. Ever thought of that? I did! (I know, smart cookie I are!) <<<<


Ian did cheat on Nina several times, just like he cheated on Meghan Auld with Nina and other people like Ashley Greene, who is also an ex. In fact, Ian cheated on both Meghan and Nina, who were his long-term girlfriends of 3 years with Ashley, and some other ex-girlfriends such as Maggie Grace while Meghan and Nina stayed faithful to this manipulative player. Ian was not been caught cheating, because he has quite a grasp and control over the media, as well as the TVD fandom. If you look at his track record with girlfriends and the timing, as well as his inappropriate behaviour; it should be fairly obvious he strayed. Ian is a fake and fraud. His stans are blinded, or covering up for him. Another thing to clear up is that neither Ian or Nina wanted to get married as this was just a stepping-stone for fame. That's all it was; a showmance. It wasn't always like that because at the start of their dynamic which was friends with benefits, when he was having an affair with her, things were better. It is when they became official, when their dynamic became messed up. It wasn't a strong bond they had anyway. It was shallow and superficial. Nian were doomed to break-up, and it was an inevitability.

@ Anon

I like you, you set the real facts on the table.

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