Christina Aguilera: Returning For The Voice Season 5!

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In addition to The Voice results from last night comes the news that Christina Aguilera will be returning for the fifth season this fall, according to reports.

Cee Lo Green is looking to make a comeback as well.

Aguilera and Green, who starred on the first three seasons, will replace their Season 4 replacements, Usher and Shakira, in the coming season.

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"Shakira wants to take a season off to take care of the baby," says a source. "Usher is doing a movie, so he couldn't do Season 5 if they wanted him to."

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will remain firmly in their spinning seats, the insider added, while Usher and Shakira may also return one day.

Aguilera first announced her decision to part ways with the franchise back in September 2012, telling the media that her departure was "bittersweet."

"I so enjoy being a coach to my team on The Voice [and] at this point in season three, all of us coaches have truly bonded," she said at the time.

"When me and Adam are on breaks on set, you know, we're writing profanity with my red lipstick all over Blake's trailer while he's napping inside."

"It's like we have definitely become like brother and sister," she said.

"We goof around and play around. I'm going to miss it."

Looks like she won't miss it much longer.

Aguilera, who released her latest album Lotus during her absence, said, "We're artists first," she said. "In order to remain great coaches and to stay relevant."

"We have to go out and we have to still tour, see our fans one-on-one. I have to feel creatively fulfilled in order to do my job as a coach and be on that show."

Excited for Christina's comeback?


Christina Aguilera is just looking as fake as ever she started season 5 nice because she knows the public likes the sweet Shakira but as much as she has toned down her mean ways it seems fake.I also hate how she isn't herself she keeps copying everything Marilyn Monroe like some poser with no originality it's sad she's going on her 11th year in Marilyn Monroe Wannabe stage.Chrisitna needs to get a new look and start being herself.


Blake is the funniest couch ever. Christine and cee lo are the best couch on the voice


I am glad that Christine and Ceelo are coming back to the voice season 5


Noooo!! We do not want Christina back! I liked this season much better. Ok with Cee Lo or Usher but love Shakira & Christina is so fake. Prob won't watch until season 6. Even though I am Team Blake all the way!!!!


That would be awesome. I probably wouldn't watch Christina/Usher, but Shakira/Cee Lo would be interesting.

@ Catherine

I prefer Christina Aguilera over Shakira because I believe Christina makes the show interesting. I do respect your opinion, but I know for a fact that you don't know Ms.Aguilera personally. I believe Christina is a beautiful, talented, and genuine person. I guess you are the type of person who does not like musicians who take risks and have a strong opinion about the world around them. She may sound like a "diva" (whatever that's supposed to mean) but sometimes it takes a strong personality to get the message through. Like I said in the beginning, I respect your opinion, but I hope you can open your eyes and not judge a book by it's cover.


No. I prefer Shakira over Christina any day. I like both Cee Lo and Usher, however Cee Lo can be a perv, and Usher's cockiness can get rather annoying at times. I'm glad Shakira is taking care of the child though.


Oh no,,,we don't want Christina back she is soooo fake,,,,and very obnoxious ,,,,we always change channel when she talk.

@ Marla Brown

Hey! Why don't you grown the f*ck up.


Why not just get Justin Beiber to coach, the ratings would go through the roof! Usher is arrogant, Cee-Lo is weird, Blake is Aw-shucks, Shakira is hot, Adam is cool but he can't sing to save his life. And Christina?
Fake boobs, fake all around.


Snookie Aguilera needs to stay home, just because her new album was a failure now she wants to come back and ruin the voice.


The beautiful,sweet,funny Shakira gone she gave us some high ratings with Usher now I will stop watching since Christina (Marilyn Monroe Wannabe ,Snooliera) is coming back to ruin things with her awful behavior issues,mean faces,too tight outfits and fake surgery inhanced features.

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