The Voice Results: Who Made the Top 10?

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The Top 10 finalists have been announced on The Voice results show.

Monday, the three surviving members of Team Usher, Team Adam, Team Blake and Team Shakira sang their hearts out - for two hopefuls, it was their final effort.

Who advanced after America selected its best 10 from the 12?

Let's find out!

Voice Season 4: The Coaches

The Voice results for the Top 12 performances were as follows:

Safe artists:

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradbery and Holly Tucker!

Team Shakira: Kris Thomas and Sasha Allen!

Team Usher: Josiah Hawley and Michelle Chamuel!

Team Adam: Sarah Simmons, Judith Hill and Amber Carrington!

Eliminated artists:

Team Shakira: Garrett Gardner!

Team Usher: Vedo!

NOTE: There is no requirement that a certain team have any number of participants. At this point, beyond the mentoring, it's everyone for himself/herself.

Did the right ones advance on The Voice? Comment below!


America did get it right by saving Danille Bradbery Blake did Take Danille straight to CountryMusic he helped her a lot for her to be where she is right now and where her and Hunter performed together on the voice helped her too. She had a lot of great help and she had Great coach where she won the voice with blake shelton. blake shelton is a great coach


I love Shsha Allen she has the best voice I hope she wins.


WHY DID AMERICA SAVE JOSIAH?! Him and Garrett were my least favorite artists. I did not want to see Vedo leave. I'd like to see Michelle win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know that if Shakira would've chosen a better song for Garrett he'd still be in this competition. I loved Garrett and he was really the only reason I watched the show but with him singing that song, Even though it was horrible (And I'm a massive fan!) So, With that being said, I really blame Shakira for him going home. At this point in the competition Shakira should have know that last minute experiment with a song wayyyy off his range would end up in America NOT voting for him.... I was saddened to see him go.


I felt Garrett's song choice from Shakira was awful, it sure didn't help his chances. I could see Garrett singing "Light My Fire" or something from The Doors rather than the Backstreet Boys. Vedo, I like him, but it was his time to go.


Was sad to see Vedo go, but I thought Garrett was awful. Sorry! I like this season better b/c I am really digging Usher and Shakira, but as far as contestants go, this is my least favorite season.


America did not get it right. Garrett G was a good choice. Shakira should never have taken him so far. But Vedo? He is far better than the Swon brothers who have nothing distinctive about their voices or musicianship.


America did not get it right Danielle is overrated my least favorite out of all of them. Vedo and Garrett could be better but her voice is no different than any other young girl who sings country.


America got it right. Vedo and Garrett are likable, but they're also the weakest of the bunch. Even though Kris Thomas and Sasha Allen stumbled in their performances, their talent was still apparent.

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