Chris Hemsworth to Liam: Dump Miley!

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According to a recent Miley Cyrus interview, her relationship is just fine.

She and fiance Liam Hemsworth are simply busy and don't have time to hit up Starbucks every morning.

And this is apparently terrible news for Chris and Luke Hemsworth, who Us Weekly claims to have staged an invention with their brother in April.

Chris Hemsworth Close Up
Liam Hemsworth Laughs

"They want him to end the romance for good," an insider tells the tabloid.

Cyrus and Hemsworth got engaged last June, but there is no wedding date set. They have not been spotted out together in weeks.

"I'm at the studio all day," Miley told V this month of her schedule, explaining that she and Liam just don't have a lot of free time these days. "He gets up to work out at six and I come home at five from the studio."

Will the pair make it? No one knows.

But if Miley and Liam split, the former should have many suitors. She is number-one on the Maxim 100 after all!


God he can do much better than this attention whore, yes he needs to grow up as well, but she is a disaster and I believe a bit mental having the need to be in front of the cameras all the time, what a spoiled brat.


ASHLEE you No MilEY ,,,,,,,,,,,, you go. You LOL. You
d. You. Go HOIIYWOOd
you MilEY. NO. YOU? You go yiu?


Anybody can be dumped - never have seen that much in the sword-wielding Chris. Maybe that is a hint that should be applied to him Thought all this Chris did was look unhappy.

Stephanie king

Regardless of anything else, it is up to the couple if they want to keep going. Instead of getting in the middle and causing a huge mess of problems, its best to let the couple choose whether to forgive and forget or move on...


I believe that if the story is true, considering that LIAM HEMSWORTH was warmly taken by the CYRUS FAMILY, LIAM FAMILY has to think about whatt they're doing then LIAM CHEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN,at this point i think MILEY SHOULD WALK AWAY from this chating animal. MILEY CYRUS is too TALENTED to be saddle by this no brain and probably cocaine addict already. I would say MILEY CYRUS DESERVE THE BEST NOT THIS MAN.@ MILEY CYRUS WALK AWAY and find the A DECENT GUY BECAUSE THERE SO MANY OUT, AFTERALL, who is he anyway. @MILEYCYRUS, REMEMBER, YOU ARE HANNAH MONTANA,BE VERY BRAVE & DECISIVE AND HIM TO THE CURVE, WHERE HE HE DESERVE TO BE FOREVER.


She should dump him for cheating after all the support she gave him to be where he is now.


There is nothing wrong with Miley.


It is about time Chris said something! Time to take out the trash Liam>


It just shows that both of them have their own separate lives, which is great. You can't make any money sitting at home gazing into each other's eyes.


please do............................I WILL SUPPORT HER TILL THE END!!

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