Barbara Evans: A Tribute to Jenelle Evans' Maligned Mom

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Barbara Evans, Jenelle Evans' mom and frequent player on MTV's Teen Mom 2, is peerless among reality stahs. BAHBRAH is truly one of a kind.

Jenelle's Mom

Not just for taking care of the kid Jenelle acts like she doesn't have, or for being unafraid to lay the smack down on her daughter when she deserves it.

The woman is just hilarious and her accent, while sort of painful and borderline indecipherable, just gives this all-time character even more character.

Babs does not mince words. Or speak in a way that you can understand hers. But as bad as her daughter is, she'd be worse without her mom.

Basically, as hard as it is to watch Jenelle Evans self-destruct, at least you know it hurts Babs - who gives her all to her daughter and her grandson - harder.

She's basically the reason for the show.

Follow the jump for more classic Bahbrah GIFs and photos as we pay tribute to the unheralded, under-appreciated and unsung star of Teen Mom 2 ...

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Jenelle Evans' Mother
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Jenelle Evans' Mom
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I think Jenelle Evans and Barbara need to learn how to get along much better.


I think Barbara has done all she can do. She is unstable, but more stable than Jenelle. Jenelle does not deserve her son or people feeding her habits by paying her to simply be the psychotic loser she is. MTV needs to regroup when it comes to these shows. Jenelle deserves all she reaps and Barbara needs serious psychological intervention for Jace's sake. God bless that child!


I use to hate her. Now, I thinks Barb is great. I give her a lot of credit for putting up with Jennelle and taking care of her grandson.


I think Bab's is way more messed up than Jenelle. She throws out sooo many empty threats that Jenelle has no reason to believe or respect her. She hasn't held her ground EVER!!! Their relationship is so sickly co-dependant. Remove the mom & remove the problem. Poor little Jace stuck in the middle of these 2 wino's.


I love this woman. She's an angle 4 her grandson. Jenelle is a hoe for the team


I love Barbara. She rocks hard. She doesn't deserve that beast of a daughter.


I LOVE me some Babs! Seriously, it broke my heart when she was crying over losing Jenelle to drugs in the finale. She's a little rough around the edges, but she only wants the best for Jenelle and she is the only normalcy in little Jace's life.



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