Are the Kardashians Going Broke?

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We take it all back, Kardashians! We had no idea!

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    Are the Kardashians Going Broke?
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    kendall and kylie are the last kids of the family now don't get me wrong i love kim but she's a whore i don't want kendall and kylie to turn out like kim


    it looks like to me she's having this baby to collect money off of it btw find out the sex of the baby on keeping up with the kardashians tonight at 9:00


    I can't wait for the day this whore is on the street sucking black for money - she deserves to get the clap

    @ Kuntdashian

    are you stupid?????? kuntdashian get a life and stop calling people names!


    I'm not surprised, if this is at all true. This is why she got KNOCKED UP BY KANYE IN THE FIRST PLACE - so she's GUARANTEED to be $$$ SET $$$$ - if her & Kanye stay together, she's $$$ set $$$. If her & Kanye ever break up she's $$$ set $$$. Kanye was an INVESTMENT. Kanye was no more than a "money move" - with his stupid azz. That b1tch is PAID


    Who gives a f**k. They are dumb annoying people who will end the way they prostitutes and porn stars!!


    Her fans have always been 12 year old girls. Once they have matured, they realise the whole family are greedy, self-absorbed women, and they go elsewhere for a hero. No-one stays at the top of the popularity list forever, and this won't be any different. Didn't I read that Kim was paid to appear at a nightclub in Chicago and hardly anyone turned up. She had to beg people to come and talk to her. "One day a rooster, next day a feather duster".


    I believe it but with her nice child support checks coming in st least kim doesn't have to worry. They nene money but their lifestue us insane. Kim bought kanye a 750,000 car, had lawyer fees for her divorce, that family is constantly in court, n nobody wants to give them endorsements anymore, their show ratings are down to he point where real housewives of Atlanta was pulling in more viewers, n look st how they shop all the time n travel. I've noticed you see them in commercial airports lately ... Where nice ore they were skewers flying on private jets...Robs sock line was pulled for under performance.. Their endorsement with Skechers went bad n sketchers got sued for the shoe that kim endorsed, their weight loss endorsement also got sued.. N the economy has nothing to to with it... When your wearing couture n high end designers.. Plenty of ppl become famous n then go broke .. Especially after paying taxes.. They are not exempt..


    ha ha ha it sucks to haveto live another way then what you are used to living but if you ask me then you learn all of the reason why not to do some thing then to just do it and not think of how it can effect others. money can always be earned and there are a lot of people in this world that do not like to see some one go from every thing to nothing if you know what I mean.

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