Nikki Sixx Calls Out Kim Kardashian for Tornado-Timed Bronzer Tweet

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Not long after last night's devastating Oklahoma tornado tore through the town of Moore, Nikki Sixx posted an ad for Red Cross relief on his Instagram account.

A short while later, Kim Kardashian also took to the Internet, sending a very different message to fans:

“Love that I can gradually build the perfect bronzed glow I want with #Kardashian Sun Kissed Tan Extenders," the reality star wrote/shilled.

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Kardashian Baby Bump

In response to this case of very bad timing and judgment, the Motley Crue rocker addressed Kim with the following comment/question:

“Pick your priority or pick your poison. Pretty embarrassing screenshot Kim. Aren’t your 15 minutes up?”

Of course, it's very possible Kardashian was not aware of the tragic event at the time.

It's also possible that she pays an intern to Tweet for her.

It's even conceivable that we can forgive Kim for such a move because she's so worried that Kanye West might be gay.

But to answer your question, Nikki: We can unfortunately confirm that, no, Kardashian's 15 minutes may very well last for 15 years.


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Nikki Sixx Calls Out Kim Kardashian for Tornado-Timed Bronzer Tweet
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
Have fun


i think Kim should take a time to concern about what's happened to Oklahoma instead of admiring herself so much..


Go Nikki she is a F@#King Idiot!


This whore has. Seen more black cock than a urinal at Yankee stadium, I truly hate this fat fuckin pig


Well that is just stupid, so you can only tweet mentioning a disaster that has happened? She tweeted a comment, that doesn't mean she is some heartless bitch who doesn't care about said disaster.

Kevin cavanaugh
@ Debbie

She does not care about disasters or anything anyone else is going thru. I feel she is the biggest phony in the media - bar none. She is so materialistic she could not even give the ring back when she quit her marriage after 79 days. Pathetic.


@Kim Sixx
It has everything to do with Kim being pregnant in my book. I have a problem with any "Man" messing with a pregnant woman. The Internet is for pubic use here in the US which means everyone has the right to say what they wish with reason. Who does Nikki Sixx think he is that Kim must tweet what he feels is appropriate. Nikki singled Kim out like so many other worthless "Bums" have been doing for no reason other than they could. I wish for once Kim would tweet these "Bums" back and tell them to "Kiss Her Behind". I bet the nonsense would Stop

Kevin cavanaugh

Maybe Kim was marketing her Kardashian Sun Kissed Tan Extenders to the people of Moore, Oklahoma because, unfortunately, these people will be out in the sun for days trying to find any belongings they can. It will take these people months and years to recover and rebuild - much longer than Kim's marriage lasted. Kim is a pathetic joke.

@ Kevin Cavanaugh

Please shut up, nobody fuckin cares that this twat is about to shit out a kid, fuck her pregnancy I her fat ass

@ Kevin Cavanaugh seem to be an expert on all things Kim Kardashian. You even know exactly what she was thinking without even knowing her. How about we put you under a microscope and criticize everything you say and do. I like to see the good and people and give them the benefit of the doubt instead of jumping to conclusions. Maybe you should do the same.


she's so fucking phony, can't stand the overpayed spoiled bitch, and yeah who gives a rats ass about your fucking tan bitch !!!!!


Timed tweet or not, whether she was in Paris and didn't know what had happened or not, I don't see why people are saying that Nikki is jealous and his 15 minutes are up. He has more talent in one fingernail than Kim will ever have. Plus he's done loads more charity work than Kim will ever do. He's either going to go to Oklahoma to help or donate a lot of money to any relief efforts while Kim stays being the selfish cunt she's been since Day One. So unless Kim ever does anything to help anyone, don't be bashing Nikki for calling Kim out for being the selfish pig you and I all know she is and always will be.



@ fiona

It said Kims 15 minutes of fame was up. Not Nikki. Go back and read it right.

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