American Idol Showdown: Who Will Win?

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Angie Miller is gone.

Heck, so is Randy Jackson.

We're down to Candice Glover and Kree Harrison on American Idol Season 12, two worthy competitors who will unfortunately be remembered for appearing on the show's lowest rated season.

Which of these talented ladies will take home the title? Vote and decide now!

And the Winner is?

Candice Glover or Kree Harrison? Who will be named American Idol Season 12 champion? View Poll »


Candice Glover by far she is a jaw dropper and an eye open and a songbird to the ears I would definitely buy her album she is a natural star in progress...Fell in love with her already!


Your vote will not be needed because Candice has all ready won so it may help idol out with the lawsuits that 9 blacks have brought against it . A tell all book is in the works don't believe me google it and see for yourself sorry if this make you mad because when I found out it piss me off sorry


the girls are hot, but someone has to win, and the winner is Candice Glover.... yea


Angie was on Jay Leno the other night and I thought her singing sounded terrible.

@ Mary

And the prize for Candice is a contract with nutrisystem

@ Thetruth

Is that all u got. Ignorance is bliss if that is the case she can milk it all the way to the bank like jennifer hudson...


its fixed and i can tell you why,!! first off they wanted all the guys gone 2nd Amber they kept trying to shove her down our throats and shes not good, 3, they never planned on using the save unless amberwas technically leaving 4 they cheated at the top 4 even after the stupid save thing wasnt an option they still go and save her and Candice 5 candice wasnt supposed to be in jeopardy with Amber it was supposed to be kree and they just said candice and in there way saved amber they never actually said that, 6 Angie went home cause she didnt have a stupid baby sob story thats all lies and had been planned out, like kree i do believe if kree wouldnt had done what she did lied, cheated and sceamed we would still have angie and kree would be home and forgotten about!! i wont vote for a liar, im voting Candice

@ liv

What??? Kree did not lie about anything. I don't even understand your post. Are you saying that Kree's parents are not really dead? Or are you saying that Kree murdered her parents, knowing that she would one day be on Idol and she could go for the pity vote? What exactly do you think Kree lied and schemed about? You make absolutely no sense. Also, they announced Candice first so that Kree would be up there with Angie when they eliminated her. That way Angie fans would be mad at Kree thinking it was Kree's fault that Angie went home. Kree may have been in first place that night. We don't know. All we know is that up until they had only girls left, Kree was the ONLY one who was always in the announced "top 2" or "top 3". No one else had that achievement--not Angie and not Candice.


sorry to say after simon left the show is dead....


Well.... Since now that I think this show is fixed... Angie which should have never been kicked off. Well even though we all know Candice should win. I bet Kree will win only for the simple fact everyone falls for her story. This is a singing competition not i feel bad for your life competition. Now don't get me wrong i like Kree and I feel bad she lost both of her parents at a young age. But again it's a singing competition. Now if Candice don't win and Kree wins we can all say this is really fixed. We all now Candice has an amazing voice compared to Kree


even a blind man will choose Candice Glover.

@ abe

I guess your analysis is not true at all because of the reason that crew rarely brought her story to the show to affect the vote results. She is so classy and down to earth and people notice that. She is also talented and deserve to stay. Her voice is so powerful, she is cute, and she is a country singer, people love country music. Having said that, I still believe based on talent, Candice is the best candidate among all to carry the title.

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