Amanda Bynes' New Twitter Pics: Sexy! Revealing!

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Amanda Bynes has upped the sexy quotient with her latest Twitter pics.

Maybe she wants to show Drake what he could he getting right now?

Adding to our library of Amanda Bynes Twitter material, the "retired actress" posted some racy mirror selfies Tuesday in an undisclosed bathroom.

Take a look:

Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie
Amanda Bynes Underwear Photo

While her body looks great, don't tell that to Mandy. Bynes tweeted, "About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I've gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!"

Most doctors would say 135 pounds is an ideal weight for a 5'8" woman of slender or medium build, but Bynes feels she needs to drop a few pounds.

Or 35.

Such a statement isn't too shocking from the 27-year-old, who has admitted to struggling with her weight and body image on Twitter, recently saying:

"I have an eating disorder so I have a really hard time staying thin."

Please, Amanda. For all your erratic behavior (we know you hate that term), you don't need to starve yourself or do anything actually harmful, okay?

Please? Just stay obsessed with your body as it is. You look amazing.

And keep the Amanda Bynes Twitter pics coming. We're obsessed too.


Is it me or does she look a lot like Octomom?


That does not look like Amanda Bynes. For someone commenting about looks she is obssessed with her multiple plastic surgeries on face and chest. She looks nothing like Amanda Bynes. Who is she?


This girl is knarley.she is ugly as hell


It really is awful journalism to be obsessing over someone's obvious meltdown. I thought the tabloids and blogs learned their lesson with Britney? Sadly, I don't think Bynes' father has the sense to step and and help her.

Avatar no one going to comment on her horrible half-shaved head???


Bitch is a friggin' mess. Get help


What happened to this poor girl? Doesn't she have anyone that can pull her out of this mess. She used to be a doll!


I cant even believe that is Amanda Bynes!!! She used to be so cute, and i dont think she needs to loose any weight, her body looks fine the way it is!


It's sad she wants to lose 35 pounds. Her body looks great, it's the rest of her that is a complete mess and needs help!


She used to have one of the most appealing, natural looking faces in Hollywood. God knows what went wrong. Plastic surgery + botox + bad make-up + unhealthy living = train wreck

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