Wrigley Field Renovations to Include Electronic Scoreboard, Monumental Facelift

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Wrigley Field is about to enter the 21st century.

The Chicago Cubs and their native city have agreed on the terms of a $500 million facelift for the team's iconic home, one that will include an electronic scorecard that is three times the size of the hand-operated unit currently in centerfield.


The Cubs will also play approximately 10 more nights games per year under the new deal, something that should help then team increase revenue and - gasp! - might even turn the squad into winners.

Wrigley Field has been around for 99 years and is the second-old ballpark in Major League Baseball.

"This framework allows the Cubs to restore the Friendly Confines (of Wrigley) and pursue their economic goals, while respecting the rights and quality of life of its neighbors," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a statement.

It remains unclear, however, how the giant video screen will affect the owners of nearby buildings, who have been operating under an agreement with the team that permits their patrons to have a view of the field.

"Rooftop views are largely preserved," the team said in its announcement. "The Cubs have agreed to install only two signs in the outfield - a videoboard in left field and a sign in right field. This is far less than our original desire for seven signs to help offset the cost of ballpark restoration."


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