Vanessa Hudgens Releases $$$ex Video

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Vanessa Hudgens has released a new sex tape.

Sort of.

The actress - who was actually involved in a nude photo scandal years ago and who now stars in the raunchy Spring Breakers - has teamed with girl group YLA and released a 30-second tease of their recently recorded single, "$$$ex."

“We just wanted to dance and get crazy,” Hudgens wrote on Tumblr. “You don’t have to go to Spring Break, you can bring Spring Break to youuu! We had ours in the kitchen. LOL! Sooo much fun.”

Check out the video now and then save yourself $10 at the theater. This is pretty much Spring Breakers in a nutshell:


Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape is a hot trend on the internet.
Watch it here: Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape (full version)

Now tell me it's not real!


Why would Vanessa do that kind of stuff here she is a role model for kids and here she goes and does that kind of stuff!!!!!!!! That is just stupid!!!!


Vanessa is my favourite actress I cofess but for her 2 release a sex video that's to bad *sad*


Well,THG,you know me by now. So, I'm sure you're not surprised, even a little bit, that I Disagree with you, and, all the haters(@Samantha). First of all: This ISN'T 'Spring Breakers in a nutshell'. If you think so,then you obviously haven't seen the Whole movie. It also has a message besides just the drinking,getting stoned,& naked partying. One of the reason's I liked this movie over past Spring Break films,is because THAT is pretty-much the ONLY things they showed, or maybe some comedy here-and-there. THIS film shows(along With those things, because they definitely are a large part of it) that there is also a DOWN-SIDE,should you start along the Wrong path,with the wrong people,in places you know Nothing about. Now,having lived in Panama City Beach 4-years,and being a major factor in several of said events(so many I was able to write a novel about it)I found it refreshing that for once,a Spring Break film showed that it isn't all fun partying, and one-night stands. In many ways---This film ROCKED! In a few ways it didn't,like the 'Alien' character could've been much better written. Over-all though, lot's of FUN! As for the hater's here(@Samantha) slow down on the Envy juice...Judging from the pure Venom in the comment here,you either Can't have your own 'Nude Scandal', because you're a ragged-out looking harpy that no-one wants to see naked,or,you just can't stand to see talented beautiful young women have a good time. Or,possibly,something even more sinister,and/or warped(depending on who you ask). Whichever it is---Let It Go...It's just gonna eat at you inside until there's nothing left...Whether Vanessa's photo's were 'leaked' or not,matters little. They sure did bring a lot of joy to many who viewed them. Just as she knew they would,LOL! Vanessa is Ravingly Gorgeous,sings like a songbird(has Anyone heard her in 'Bandslam' belting-out the absolute BEST rendition of 'Everything I Own'?? 1 word: INCREDIBLE!) So, what have we got so far? She's Gorgeous from the top of her head to the bottom of her cute feet. And, she sings beautifully. Now, going 3-for-3: She can Really Act,too! Here is a list of kick-ass films in just the last few years: The aforementioned 'Bandslam'(2009). One of the coolest takes on 'Beauty & the Beast'---'Beastly'(2011). 'Journey 2 Mysterious Island'(2012) 'Spring Breakers'(2013) and(hopefully real soon) the true story of an early 80's Jack the Ripper in Alaska 'Frozen Ground'(2013) which also stars Nicholas Cage. And should I even bring-up the first vehicles which brought this amazing creature to our attention: 'Highschool Musical' ?? Naaah---the previously mentioned can stand by themselves...So, until the haters can boast such an impressive resume,with the numerous skills listed here---they truly have No Validation for their abhorrent, meaningless, ramblings...It simply makes them appear as no-life having shrews...Later all; Hollywood---out.


This was fucking trashy. Honestly, I'm not sure what I expected from a girl who had nude photos leaked, took more nude photos, had them leaked again, and then kept taking more nude photos. I'm sure they weren't even "leaked". Every time she had a nude photo scandel, she had a movie about to drop in theaters. This girl knows her acting can't stand on its own so she has to create some fake controversy surrounding herself.

@ Samantha

Opps i meant to post my second comment to you...sorry!!

@ Samantha

Despite her nude scandals she is still doing successful in the movies she has done. So there is no need to hate.....not everyone can be perfect in hollywood.

@ nadirah

......okay i might agree with you on the video being trashy and poorly done....but that is it. Wow it looks like she fan made the sh*t and it wasn't done like a real music video, which i expected. I guess i was wrong.

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