Spring Breakers Review: Boobs, Beer, and the Party-Girl Ideal

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Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers is essentially a movie without a purpose.

It’s a sensationalized film about sensationalism, and while it gets away with very little in the way of plot or character growth for much of the film, the ending seems to cast away any sense of obligation to make a grander point one way or the other about youth culture and depravity.

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Spring Breakers is shot like a music video. It’s cut like a music video. Its characters think they’re in a music video.

Taking their cues from MTV, James Franco, Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine, Ashley Benson, and Vanessa Hudgens’ characters spend no mental energy at all on anything but image.

In one scene Franco, who wonderfully transforms into his subtly terrifying character “Alien,” actually gives the girls an MTV Cribs-style tour of all of his “sh*t,” bragging about his money, his guns, his Scarface DVD that plays on repeat, and even his collection of “shorts in every color” (pretty sweet right?).

The film tells the story of four college girls - Selena Gomez’s character being the least open to debauchery, based on a somewhat superficial adherence to Christianity - who want desperately to go on Spring Break and “see the world.”

They do whatever it takes to get there, including stealing a car and robbing a restaurant’s patrons, all in the hopes of reaching some fetishized party-girl ideal. They long for the “image” of Spring Break.

When it doesn’t pan out, they shove their messy experiences into that image, and wax delusional about how magical the world seems when you don’t have to deal with any of its problems.

And when those problems do arise, the girls begin to drop out, heading home by bus, dejected and depressed, and out of the film forever.

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While Korine seems to have interesting ideas about what greed and childish egoism can lead a person to do, Spring Breakers is more of a collection of party-culture imagery than an exploration of that culture. The opening montage of beer being showered over bare breasts lets the audience know right away what they’re getting into (and for those who are interested: the bare breasts do keep coming).

What Korine does best in Spring Breakers is make the audience anxious. From the off-putting “gun-cocking” sounds that accompany many of the cuts between scenes, to the frenetic camerawork, oddly-colored scenes, and reliance on repetition (Korine uses several takes of the same dialogue, looped one after the other, often set in different locations), Korine set out to make viewing Spring Breakers an uncomfortable experience.

And when we as the audience finally have somebody speaking for us, when Gomez’s character gets as uncomfortable as we do with Alien and his cohorts, she disappears from the film almost instantly, leaving us feeling trapped in the discomfort.

RATING: 2.5/5


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Ladies of 'Spring Breakers' movie: First; You are all Super Hot. Second: I personally know of MANY who are waiting patiently for this film to hit the screens next Friday. Third: Please pay absolutely NO attention to those like @lynn here: After all,how much can you glean from someone who doesn't even know that the saying is 'Prude' Not 'prune',huh? There are Several who have made sexy movies and it only helped their careers---not ruin them. It just depends on which ones you do. In-fact,if I'm not mistaken,Halle Berry received an Oscar for 'Monster's Ball' and off the strength of her sex scene with Billy-Bob Thornton,so---don't let uptight,jealous cause they don't look like you,haters,bring you down even for a second,okay? Especially if they don't know what they're talking about when it comes to 'careers'. Ms. Hudgens is who MADE 'Journey 2 Mysterious Island' ROCK! Looking forward to Van' H. in 'Frozen Ground'(a true story,by the way) also starring the great Nicholas Cage. 'Beastly' was one the BEST takes on 'beauty & the Beast' I've ever had the pleasure to witness. And well,'Band Slam' belongs in the company of great youth classics such as 'Pretty in Pink','Ferris Buellers Day Off',and 'Some Kind of Wonderful'. So as I see it,haters like lynn yap about your career being over,while you keep on making film, after film,after film,etc.etc.---you get the idea,ladies,right? Ms. Sel' Gomez,I commend you for taking a risk and stepping away from being stuck in continuous 'cute & safe' films. There's nothing wrong with them(in fact,I happen to like quite a few of them) they're cool--as long as you're not pigeonholed to ONLY doing those type of films,or shows,ya' feel-me? I don't know if I'll be the First in line next Friday for this movie,but---I will most definitely BE in line for it! LOL! See you at the Cinema,girls!! Congratulations and Best of Luck with your future endeavors! Hollywood---out...

@ Hollywood

A voice of reason.
Good move for all 4 of the girls... Though especially for Vanessa, Selena and Ashley. I am so happy that Selena is out of her cutesy filming and is getting ready for more serious roles. I can't wait for Getaway with Ethan Hawke! I also love how sassy she is becoming, don't give a damn about what people say... You do you girl! But just remember your limits and sometimes take a break when it all seems too much. Love Ya'll!1

@ Miss Alayna

Oh, and most of the reviews are positive THG. Don't be a kill joy


LC can you please send me a Bieber gram!! Long form!


is it strange I adore these ladies here?


Im not a prune, but this looks so stupid! Overly sexual movies never go anywhere. This was a bad move for Selena. I did expect this from hudgens:( her career was over long time ago. She's the reason lost island movie was awful. Why do the starletts get stupid, try to change image. NOBODY REPEATS THEM AFTER THESE GIRLS DO STUPID HORNY MOVIES ABOUT TH BEACH AND TALK LIKE THEY'RE TRYING TO HARD TO SAY SOMETHING CUTE. STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!

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