Too-Saggy Pants: Banned in Louisiana Town!

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Pants on the ground? Pants on the ground? You lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground! Better pull ’em up ... if you’re in Terrebonne, Louisiana.

So Many Pants on the Ground!

Passed last week and expected to be signed into law, the town's ban targets the public wearing of pants - and, oddly, skirts - that hang “below the waist.” 

If they “expose the skin or undergarments,” violators will be punished as such:

  1. $50 for the first offense.
  2. $100 for the second offense.
  3. $100 plus 16 hours of community service for each subsequent offense.

“Hopefully, it’ll get these young men to pull up their pants,” Terreborne council member Russell Hornsby told Yahoo! Shine of the saggy pants ban.

Hornsby’s colleague John Navy proposed the ordinance after many constituents had called upon the council to do something about the pants problem.

The ban was approved at an April 10 Parish council meeting by a vote of 8-1 and is expected to be signed into law by council president Michel Claudet.

Navy, though, said he did not know why the new law specified “below the waist,” and seemed confused by that wording when asked about it.

“My understanding was that it was below the butt. I need to look at that again,” he said. “If it’s below your butt and underwear is showing, that’s not proper.”

The only council member opposed? Beryl Amedee, who said, “I’m absolutely not a fan of this style. However, I don’t think the government should legislate style.”

But, Hornsby added, “The problem is our young men are emulating prisoners. It sends a sign that you’re available for sex. It’s a bad example to set.”

The idea that low-slung pants in prison signal some sort of sexual come-on is one long-held, widely disputed belief about the style’s origins.

Another theory is that folks who let their pants sag below the undies are emulating prisoners who have their belts taken away (for fears of suicide) in lockup.

Whatever the inspiration, Terrebonne is making headlines for its law banning them - even as the ACLU says that such laws violate the constitution.

Saggy pants law: Right or wrong?


who the hell came up with this law is the stupid one. We all have the right to decide what we wear or not. It looks sexy and appealing. i hope the law is changed

Bobby tucker

Anyone wearing their pants down around their knees have a very low intelligence level. It actually looks STUPID!


That is so stupid. They have no right to tell us how to dress. If you people don't like it you don't have to look! Simple as that. Just keep minding your own damn business

@ vince

You probably wear your pants like that. So if people started wearing extremely revealing clothing you'll just say, "Don't look" Its kinda hard to completely avoid it dumbass.


It's worse even when the homey is in his 40's.


When I was a kid way back then, if we wore clothes like this we were laughed at cause the other kids thought we were so poor that we were wearing our parents clothes.


I honestly cannot blame that town. No one wants to see some lowlifes letting and exposing their underwear to anyone who wants to see.


That's just nasty. Really you have pants wear them right. I don't want my child seeing a mans ass or underwear when we go to a store or anywhere. I try to avoid that because I always thought those people have no class or respect for anyone. I don't want my son thinking that's how you wear clothes... They make sizes for a reason. I think it should be a law through out every state!

Bobby tucker
@ Nikki

I couldn't agree with you more.


It's such a dumb looking style.


As an older black male those young men wearing their pants in that manner have no respect for themselves or their families. Any person of any race doing what they are doing should not expect any respect from others until they start respecting themselves first!

Bobby tucker
@ George E. Walker

Mr. Walker,
I'm also an older male (63) it doesn't matter the race or color as you stated, there should be a law against wearing pants too low. When i attended school there was a dress code and we had to follow it or get sent home, actually, that was the era when we would get swats on the rear with a paddle and probably get more when we got sent home.


During the past year or so, I hear that local law enforcement (especially the sheriff) in Terrebonne Parish are making A LOT of changes in and around town. And, deep-down, I have a feeling that the sheriff of Terrebonne Parish is NOWHERE NEAR DONE with making changes in Terrebonne Parish. In short...D-A-M-N!!!!!

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