General Larry Platt, Pants on the Ground, Highlight American Idol in Atlanta

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Last year, there was Bikini Girl.

This year, there's General Larry Platt.

Each season, American Idol airs the audition of an outlandish contestant that gets cataputed into the spotlight for approximately 15 minutes. Rarely is that individual 62 years old and singing about his pants on the ground, however.

But that's exactly what took place in Atlanta last night, as a man that referred to himself as "General Larry Platt" (pictured) caused the judges to crack up with a single that included the lyrics:

Pants on the ground
Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground
With the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways
Pants hit the ground, call yourself a cool cat
Lookin’ like a fool, walkin’ to the town
With your pants on the ground!

General Larry Platt

Is it wrong that the show ended the episode with this man, as opposed to one of the truly talented singers that received a ticket to Hollywood, such as Keia Johnson, Jermaine Sellers, Mallorie Haley, Bryan Walker? Nah, it's just American Idol!

Visit our friends at TV Fanatic full a detailed rundown of the evening - and watch the General's performance of "Pants on the Ground" below.


While the song is catchy and the idea is past it's time, how can anybody support someone who, out of ignorance and race bias, supports a convicted cop-killer? There were witnesses, he had a trial and was sentenced to death. Davis should die and so should his supporters. If you don't like it, call a crackhead the next time you're in trouble!


i would not show any support for a man who supports a cop killer!


@ rlhall33 I don't think Mr Platt is supporting a cop killer but making others (as myself) aware of Mr Troy Davis case; and after reading about it there are somethings that bother me about it.


If you notice, Larry Platt is wearing a button that is in support of Troy Davis. Davis was convicted of murder of an off-duty Savannah Police officer, Mark MacPhail. Having several friends that are Police Officers, I choose NOT TO SUPPORT anyone who supports cop killers! Please keep this in mind. Thanks!


This was great! We laughed so hard when we heard it. He is really talented and was a great ending to the show! I hope he becomes a hit! "Pants on the Ground..." I love it!


Robin Williams Fan, you are a bit miseducated. "Pants on the Ground" does not mimic Walt Whitman's "Congo". In fact, the poem's rhythm was Whitman's tribute to African musicality, inherent in "Pants". Carpe diem to you, too!


the General is truly inspiration to all American Idol entrants,I tafe off my hat to the General for everything that he has acomplished,He is a man to look up to and salute.


I hope he's on the finale like Renaldo Lapuz on season 7, because that was awesome and would make anyone's day!

Avatar my school they were singing it too...and we put him on our facebook and myspace pages


OEMGEE when i saw this on idol last night it was hilarious and when i went to school everyone was singing it "pants on the ground,lookin like a fool with ya pants on da ground" HOLLA

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