The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Twirl On Out of Here

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta hit us with "Reunion Part III" last night and the guys took the stage… well, at least some of them did.

We break down who was missing and which husband was texting someone other than his wife in THG's official RHOA +/- recap!


The Househusbands arrived to back up their ladies. Well, some of them did. Walter and Kordell were noticeably absent but their presence was certainly felt.

But first, a big Plus 50 to NeNe and Kim Zolciak for finally acting like adults and burying the hatchet. We don't see that much on this show and it should be applauded.

Now back to our regular Housewives lunacy...

Walter didn't make it to the reunion but it wasn't for a lack of trying. The man wanted to be there and when Bravo turned him down, he sent his boys to back him up.

NeNe called it from the beginning. Walter and Kenya just didn't pass the smell test. Minus 12. Although Kenya's a nutbar and Walter's an ass, I did think they were a couple, at least on some level.

But it's unclear whether Walter wanted a seat behind the sofa to defend himself or to indulge in another 15 minutes of fame. My guess is it was a little bit of both.

Minus 10 because if he was willing to be paid off by Kenya to play her boyfriend so they could both be on the show that doesn't say good things about him either.

The part I found most interesting was the conversation between Kenya and Apollo. Why do these two even have one another's phone numbers?

Minus 20. Peter tells Kenya she should have shut down Apollo's text but he's the married man. Why the heck was he texting her in the first place.  Seems Apollo's the one who should have shut that down. 

Apollo seemed to think he's all that and a box of Fruit Loops but I think the reason Phaedra Parks' calling Kenya a whore has as much to do with not trusting Apollo as Kenya. Those texts sounded shady on both sides.

On the flip side, Kandi and Todd were kind of adorable. Plus 18 to Todd for having the good sense to not want to be on this crazy show but respecting Kandi enough to do it.  That girl got lucky with this one.

But I had to laugh when Kandi thought viewers were offended because she prayed. Minus 11.  Honey, I'm pretty sure it's the sex toys they have the issue with, not the prayer.

Poor Porsha was left to defend her marriage solo as Kordell couldn't be bothered to show up.  In reality he was busy filing divorce papers that day. Minus 33. Ouch!

Porsha Stewart was hoping to feel inspired by the ladies of Atlanta when she signed on to do this show and instead she felt knocked down.  Minus 23. I know she's not the brightest girl out there but hadn't she ever watched the show? What made her think this was the place to find inspiration?

I'll give her props for being raw and honest though. Plus 22.  When she said, "We're going through some serious stuff and we put it on TV," I wanted to give her a hug.

Thankfully the relationship episode is over. Did you get your Twirl t-shirt?  Does every housewife now get their own spinoff?  Until next season…



Don't give up there is lot more to come because I love the way you act you 4real.
To Kenya moore


kim kepped it real seeing how these so-called black ladies all ganged up on her coz she woodnt go no a trip with them is racist cynthia is a pain up the arse thinking that kenya views are usefull nene has turned me off the show now kim has left the show i wont be whatching so these bitches can back stab all they want black people r more racist than white people

Gone wind

Candy and all the rest do what u do idk I guess maybe all of u need to take them fake eyebrows off too much going on look like big lip big eyed fish eyed fools. A little would be great u all are pretty women without the trolleywood look. Nene u funny sand the show is so is probably laugh away too. Sit back look at it really sad though u have to laugh. Everybody has problems and is screwed up somewhere. Lol Kenya needs meds thiks she sugar shot sharp and is not stop trip her ass when she get up bet shed get back up spin again straight crazy nutthouse rock.

Gone wind

Kim stop the excuses best thing before doing that tell them like it is and walk away if you don't feel comfortable with the group. Don't bring in things to say that may be true or not to smooth things it makes it worse. Let everyone else have their bashing party after u said the real things on your mind. Then u laugh by looking at they tails on tv and be glad at what u see say it wasn't for me just be real with whoever what the help they gone do bla bla bla that's all. Other hand u tried to soften the blow by excuses bad but u got away noodles now if u go back u need to get your damn self in a chock hold

Gone wind

Apollo shady why he texting back how did nuttball Kenya get his number anyway both sets of all their teeth would have became one. And don't me. Lawyer thang know she need to stop turning that lip up that is ugly not cute by any chance. None of them are about nth. And it's them looking like some fools make me look at the show for research for when I show and tell my kids or others on what not to do,show tell and act like.

Gone wind

I agree they make the show look like a train wreck that can't be fixed. For black famous women or want to be famous looks horrible. Once they feel they have it all or close to it they act a mess. Just plain messy! Thinking that everyone has to bow down it's taken too far. I'm princess, I'm me it, I deserve, whatever have some class. Also it is funny but sad to see them act the way they do. Porcha need to wake up get her own mind I was her before uplift yourself u don't need others to do that sound needy! Sure she has or had a dad or parents to tell her what,when where,how when she was young maybe idk. Its ok to be a housewife do some things that are required to run your family but also don't wait on a man to tell u what to do and where to go. Some places u shouldn't go according to how u want to carry yourself but the way it was put it did make her look like she needs to see the wiserd about a brain sorry.


What was not made emphatically clear in this review is that Porsha, Kenya, & Phaedra are CRAZY! These women are so loco it's almost unbearable. Watching them is like spectating at a trainwreck. Did Porsha think she was going to get counselling by being on RHWOA? Those women would rather throw her under a bus! Kenya's eye rolling, screeching, twirling mess just confirmed that there's not a man on earth who would touch her with a 10' pole. Phaedra better watch it, because one of these days, she's going to squinch up her face so tight, people will mistake it for a sphincter.. Andy hit the jackpot with these three, but they've paid a huge price. They've disgusted a nation. Kandi & Cynthia are just along for the ride. Each are waiting for their next try at fame. Nene's derisive laughter of each of them is obnoxious. Don't these women realize that their "friend" Nene thinks they're all so beneath her, & laughs at all their petty lives & problems.

@ ausscyn

I agree with some points, giving props to Porsha really gave the show.some insight on true feelings and not feeling herself bigger than thou everyone is diffetent and I applaud her. As for Nene she not all that she just has a big mouth and saying nothing. She is full of herself right. Nene wants the fame like Kandi and Porsha, which is class and leglacy.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Quotes

[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

Apollo Nida

[to Kenya Moore] "You a sneaky, trifling slut."

Phaedra Parks