Porsha Williams Accused of Heavy Boozing, Child Neglect

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It's turning very ugly between Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart.

A week after the former NFL quarterback blindsided Porsha via an unexpected divorce filing, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star filed a motion in which she accused Stewart of locking her out of the house and bringing other woman into it.

Porsha Stewart on the Street

But Kordell has replied to that allegation with a couple troubling ones of his own.

Stewart says in a new legal document that Williams often goes away for days at a time, returning very early in the morning, reeking of alcohol.

The doors are only locked at that time for security purposes and the only other female that has been inside the residence is the nanny Stewart claimed he had to hire because Porsha is "neglecting her responsibilities to her stepson."

Kordell has filed to disallow any kind of spousal support for Porsha, arguing that she's a celebrity perfectly capable of making her own bank.

Porsha, in response, has said she gave up many business opportunities over the years to care for Kordell's son (from another relationship) and is therefore entitled to alimony.


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@ Miss Cane, how could you say something like that? What if that was you that was going though this. People are so quick to judge other, but if it was them, it would be a totally different story.


Spare Me. Too bad she didn't squeeze one out first thing when she had the chance - Gold digging 101- She could've gotten paid then. But now she's working, has an income, no children and contributed nothing financially whatsoever to the marriage. So much for Black Barbie. This idiot should read a book and get lost.