Kordell Stewart Divorce Filing "Blindsided" Porsha Williams, Source Claims

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Simply put, Porsha Williams is in shock.

Sources tell TMZ that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star learned about the Kordell Stewart divorce filing from the Internet and that she's "disappointed" in the actions of her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart

Stewart - a former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback - "misled" Porsha and "she found out about the filing in the media," according to the reality star's rep, who adds:

"Mrs. Stewart hopes to resolve these personal issues privately with the support of her family, friends and strong faith."

Kordell and Porsha were married in May 2011. He has a son from a previous relationship, but this couple never had any kids together.

Stewart filed for divorce in Georgia in March 22 and says he should not be required to pay Williams a cent in spousal support.

"She was 100 percent completely blindsided," another insider tells Us Weekly. "Friends are trying to contact her but she's not picking up her phone or returning texts."


Not a big surprise, you could tell there was something amiss with Kordel and Porsha's relationship. And he already has a child no wonder he seemed against the thought of having a child with Porsha! He has been planning this move for sometime. Scumbag!


I feel bad for her, but her main goal was to be a wife, you can't just do that, gotta have your education, in Oder to stand on our own two feet, hope she learns a hard lesson.


Yeah this guy seems conceited as hell and controlling. On Wendy Williams this morning they said he might even be gay as he has been seen hanging around some gay parks and hang outs. Notice how he talks down to her all the time too. She should get some big out of this divorce as he has the money...she is also better off without him and can find someone else and have children with...he seemed like he like to argue alot too. Glad he's going too. (Maybe Kenya would like to take a shot at him)..

@ critic

yeah she'd get on that! Just because it had been Porsha's!


That Kordell Stewart dude is such a cowardly DICK-HEAD!!!!! I mean...the fact that he didn't have the guts (or whatever) to tell Porsha face-to-face that it's over between them...what a motherfuckin' M-O-R-O-N!!!!! Also, Kordell (very, very sadly) is living proof that MOST athletes don't know how to stay faithful to any woman. And, as for the spousal support issue (or whatever), I hope that Porsha takes Kordell's sorry ass to the fuckin' cleaners...$$$ Cha-Ching!!!!! And, Porsha...TRIPLE S.S.S. AKA STAY STRONG SISTA!!!!!


He was way too controlling. She's a sweet lady who can have it all. Find someone with respect and compassion. He wasn't it.


I am so sorry for her. Like so many ladies like Porsche marrying these sports figures is a hot mess. These sports guys, some not all are in for the dumb trophy wife and that is it. Male sports figures usually come with a load of insecurities. There relationships are not built on love but what is hot for the moment. I knew it was headed that way when she started to think on her own and wanted to have a life. especially when children were going to happen. He is a male pig and she may not know it now but she is lucky to move on and find her purpose and a mate of her dreams will come.


My heart goes out to Porsha. I'm sorry that Kordell didn't take his vows seriously enough to pull through any opposition. I read that Porsha commented that there is no room for his son to be on TV with them, which is why he became distraught. I'm sure she's didn't mean any malice behind it- there is no room. You barely see Aayden, Noel, Trent, and Reilly. This is an adult show, with adult content: no room for kids other than the fact to try to show a softer side.


maybe she must use Contact Lenzes?(bausch & lomb)


That dude is a controlling d*ck. She can do way better than him. And she found out through the media and not her husband? What a cowardly loser...


Porsha can act like a silly teenager but... She seems to be sweet and trusting but Controlled by a bully !! He acts like a pompous ass and a control freak to cover his own problems and insecurities ! Hold your head up Porsha and know that there is someone out there for you and its not this idiot !

@ Ginette

I'm not sure what it is about insecurities, he didn't have insecurities, he had an self-centered attitude and got tired of the married life I bet mom of the son could have enlightened Porsha on Kordel! Why do you think she's not with him? Porsha you got some big brothers or cousins don't ya???


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