Lindsay Lohan at Coachella: No Drugs or Booze For Me (Try to Withhold Laughter)!

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Lindsay Lohan is off to Coachella, where she swears she will not be partaking in any drugs or alcohol ... a dubious claim even by Lindsay Lohan standards.

The troubled star, who pushed back her rehab stint just so she could attend the annual festival, is telling friends "she's not living her life for other people."

That's for damn sure.

Lindsay Lohan at Late Show

LL swears she's just going for the music, as if anyone really does that, and wants to have some fun before checking into rehab for her big 90-day stay.

Lindsay is also STILL insisting she doesn't have any problem with drugs or alcohol, even though a friend recently mused that she may die at Coachella.

One wonders how this will possibly take if the person doesn't think they should even be there, but that's for Lindsay Lohan's rehab center to deal with.

There's also the fact that the judge overseeing her criminal lying-to-cops/probation case warned her to stay away from people who do drugs or alcohol.

Good luck with THAT at Coachella.

LiLo: Can she get/stay clean?


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I think Lindsay is Hot...!!!
Dave was just playing grandfather...grandfathers have a way of pointing out personal problem through shame in public; whether in front of just the family our if possible the entire world.
He sure knows how to push buttons...on the flip side, I would have opt for a drink after being pointed out like she was. I bet if Lindsay...called anyone that is throwing stones, out to a cocktail party...they would gladly fill her drink???