Lazaro Arbos: The Worst Performance in American Idol History?

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Last night's American Idol performance show was owned by Candice Glover and Lazaro Arbos.

In two VERY contrasting ways.

Glover covered a pair of tracks and put on what many are hailing as the greatest single night in Idol history.

Arbos, meanwhile, didn't forget the lyrics to The Carpenters’ “(They Long To Be) Close To You,” but was so wobbly and off-pitch that Randy Jackson suggested it was the worst performance of all-time on the show.

OUCH! Do you agree with that harsh assessment Watch Arbos in embarrassing action now:

Marsha lynne

It was not a good performance, however Randy was extremely rude and Jimmy was the worst. It was not a good performance. He should have found something more suitable like Always Something There To Remind Me, the song done by Naked Eyes. Sanjaya however was the worst.


There IS a God,,,,Lazaro is gone finally !


Lazaro needs to go! He should have went last week...


He had 34 Million Fans, I am one of them. Don't quit Lazaro, I support you!

@ Victor Molina

Victor, why are you a fan? It can't be because he is the best AI contestant.


There is a movement to vote for the worst singer. Guess who it is. It is not a pity vote it is a vote to f with AI. Yes Lazaro should have been gone weeks ago but the movement has the votes going for him... It will be interesting to see how AI handles it.


I LOVE lazaro...He is a total sweetheart. I just knew when he started singing last night that the judges was going to harsh on him...I just think it's cause he's the last guy left


Lazaro is way out of his league. Not sure how he made it this far, seems like a pity vote week after week, face it folks...this guy just does not have the ability to compete at this level, even though he seems like a sweet guy. On the other hand, Candice, is absolutely amazing and her rendition of "Love Song" last night brought tears to my eyes. It is one of my fave songs....what a voice! So much emotion and talent. Go Candice! you deserve to win!

David fletcher

I'm surprised a fancy L.A. doctor has not come forward to help him with his stuttering. I think that would help him most of all.

Veronica roby

I love Lazaro and he does have a good voice. He needs to pick the right song. Picking the right song for your voice is the key. I still think he might have a shot. People are too hard on him, c'mon give him a chance, you people are too harsh.


Lazaro is getting worse every week. I don't even like watching him because he looks so stressed out and sweaty. Please America, I hope you let him go and not make more of a mockery of Idol. He's just NOT a good singer. Anyone who votes for him is doing it because he's cute or thinks his story is inspiring. Support him after he's off Idol; he does not deserve to stay. There's much more talented people who deserve to win.

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