Candice Glover: The Greatest Night in American Idol History?

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It's safe to say we didn't expect a lot from American Idol last night.

12 songs by 6 contestants? In two hours? One of which would be a cover of... Burt Bacharach?!? Wake us when it's over, right?

But then Candice Glover took to the stage and, many would say, made history. It's impossible to determine the greatest performance of all-time in Idol.

But Glover may have just given us the greatest overall night, positively owning "Don't Make Me Over" and "Love Song." Watch both renditions now:

As for Janelle Arthur, Amber Holcomb and company?

They were fine, but totally overshadowed by Glover. Here is our ranking of the Top 6 from Wednesday:

  2. Amber Holcomb
  3. Kree Harrison
  4. Angie Miller
  5. Janelle Arthur
  6. Lazaro Arbos

Trust us, if we could have put Arbos lower down, we would have.


Candice voice range is superb flawless. I would love to hear her sing Genifer Holiday song Givin Up,.or an Anita Baker song.


Candice said she loves love songs...give her Patti LaBelle's, If Only You Knew! Let her soar...congratulations you.


Amber holcomb is number 2 she is good

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