Lazaro Arbos on American Idol Elimination: I Sort of Won!

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Lazaro Arbos was eliminated from American Idol last night.

But the polarizing singer still sees himself as a champion in one sense.

“I won for the boys!" he told reporters after Ryan Seacrest announced the news. "I’m the next American Boy Idol!”

Lazaro Arbos and Ryan

It's true that the five remaining finalists are all female for the first time in show history, with Candice Glover leading an impressive field.

Is Arbos bummed that he lost? Not especially.

"My main goal wasn't to win a TV show," he said. "My main goal was to get known as an artist and to have people that love me. And I think I'm one step closer to that. So I don't want to win! No, as long as I get signed and go on tour and people buy my records, I'll be fine!"

But Lazaro does have one professional aim: to appear on Glee.

"I am trying to contact Ryan Murphy, so if he stops by tell him to call me," Arbos said. "Ryan, call me maybe! [sings] Call me maybe!"

You gotta admire Lazaro's enthusiasm, don't you? And his Glee dream isn't especially far-fetched: former Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez will stop by the Fox series later this year.

Did you agree with Arbos' elimination this week?


I am so ashamed of Randy Jackson. Lazaro's popularity was not, in my opinion, "sympathy" or "pity" but rather as a profile in courage. Let's face it. We all understood instantly that Lazaro had been bullied all through school. The kind of bullying that usually silences the recipient. You'd probably never see him raising his hand in class. So, for Lazaro to enter a public singing contest where he would be judged on national TV was a "profile in courage." Lazaro was an inspiration! And some of us (I include myself) saw "no harm, no foul" in voting to advance him in the competition. After all, the best vocalists would still get the most votes. So, what's the harm in advancing Lazaro to #8, or #7, or #6? Of course, no one envisioned the trainwreck which was Lazero's performances in American Idol Top 6 night. OMG! But Randy seemed to "blame" Lazaro for not being eliminated on cue. And he acted like a "bully."In retrospect, Nikki's advice in "Top 8" and "Top 7" nights for Lazaro to "ignore Jimmy" was horribly, horribly wrong. Lazaro's vocal range is limited to his middle registers. And Lazaro is apparently tone-deaf and didn't have a clue... I suspect Jimmy probably precipitated the trainwreck by withholding his vocal coaching of Lazaro the week before "Top 6' (i.e., Couldn't Jimmy have told Lazero to sing in a higher key? Couldn't he have helped arrange the two songs in Lazaro's vocal range? Isn't a coach supposed to help each contestant do their best?). So, Randy, you were "on board" with advancing Lazaro through "Top 8" week. Look at the humiliation you precipitated. Shame on you Randy! And shame on Nikki too (She really enjoys hearing herself talk with absolutely no regard for the impact of her words on contestants)!


I'm having trouble believing that Lazaro really got the fewest votes. Here's why:
1) He was in the top 3 last week.
2) He's quite good looking and that wins a lot of votes from the female half of the voting population.
3) The website "Dial Idol" which somehow measures the busy signal on each contestant, showed Lazaro as being the second highest vote getter.
4) Lots of viewers were rooting for the brave quest of the guy with the stutter. Sort of a sympathy vote.

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